Bhairav Tantra Sadhana

8th – 13th August 2019 – Mount Olympus, Greece

A rare and unique opportunity to experience Bhairav sadhana with Guruji Maharaj.
Our lineage is the Sri Bhairavanand lineage and as far as we can remember a sadhana like this has not happened before. Even long term disciples of Guruji are in anticipation and excitement for this event.
We have put together a opportunity that will not only give you direct experience of Traditional Tantra, you will more importantly be able to practice it in the presence of a Master and in the comfort of Greece.
To add to the uniqueness of this event the sadhana includes a treatment of rare herbs that are used to inscribe Yantra on the body. This is a traditional process that affects the subtle body on very deep levels and makes that the energy can open more profoundly. As this is a Bhairav sadhana it will serve as a deep purification, expelling negative energy and therefore connecting you more deeply with consciousness.
During this sadhana you will also experience:
  • Vijana Bhairava Tantra introduction and meditations with Yorgos
  • Swara Yoga philosophy and  practice with Radasi
  • 3 Yagnas (fire ceremonies relating to the three gunas)
  • Construction of a life yantra for Bhairav
  • Mantra meditation
  • Kriya
  • Sharabh Yoga
  • A personal meeting with Guruji and option for a subtle body scan
Bhairav is known as the universal energy that destroys fear. By connecting with his energy we are more protected from the internal conflicts of egoic tendencies such as greed, lust, anger, pride and also the negative energies that exist around us.
‘Bha’ means creation, ‘ra’ means sustenance and ‘va’ means destruction, therefore his energy is responsible for creating, sustaining and destroying life, being therefore the ultimate nature reality itself, Shiva. 
Our early bird price is available until 12th of May!
Please note we require a 50% deposit. 400€ of the deposit is non-refundable. 
The course price will only to cover costs of running the event. The materials used for each person in this sadhana costs more than half the amount of the retreat and normally this process can only be done at the Ashram in India.
It is truly a great opportunity for anyone wishing to go deeper into Tantra or to meet Guruji.
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We look very much forward to welcoming you to Greece!