Bhakti Yoga


Bhakti yoga is the expression of devotion to the universe and can be expressed through any action and through most forms of Yoga.  With Bhakti Yoga we cultivate devotion through daily worship and meditation. Daily worship can be expressed in a multitude of ways and does not necessarily need to have any religious connections. This worship can be as simple as giving thanks for the food we eat or to smile with gratitude for a beautiful sunset.

At Satya Loka we love chanting Bhajans (devotional songs)  & dancing ecstatically to sacred mantras. For us Bhakti Yoga is a natural foundation for all that is offered. Everything is infused with this aspiration and devotion to truth and love. Infusing Bhakti into our daily work turns everything into love.

Pilgrimages, specialized retreats and fire ceremonies are offered for those that wish to go deep into this spiritually fulfilling aspect of Yoga.

Singing devotional music and dancing are creative expressions that can easily connect us to pure bliss and at the same time we can transform our yoga practice into profound recognition of our true divine nature by the use of prayer and by surrendering our ego.

“Always absorb your mind in remembering Me, remain lovingly devoted to Me with your acts of worship and humbly kneel down to me. Entering into such complete Divine Communion you will surely reach my personal presence.”

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 9.34

Ganesh Bhajan