200hr Yogini Tantrika TTC

11th February – 13th March, Rishikesh, India

This course is for women who are looking for an authentic Yogini Sadhana immersion in the homecountry of Yoga by the holy river Ganga at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Maha Shivaratri Puja

4th March

We will be offering a free supported Sadhana for “The night of Shiva”

Ashwin Navaratri

5th April – 17th April, Mount Olypus, Greece

Navaratri is observed twice a year when there are two very important junctures of climatic change and solar influence. We will be holding the Navaratri at our sublime nature retreat venue on Mount Olympus, Greece, and will also be offering free international supported Sadhana.

200hr Austrian Alps TTC

5th May – 2nd June, Tyrol, Austria

This teacher training is hosted in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Tirol’s Alps are a true fountain of strength: crystal clear water, lush nature, majestic mountains and clean air.

Tantra Yoga Education

June, Greece

This training retreat is designed to equip you with the foundation to practice Yoga with the knowledge  and experience of Tantric philosophy.

100hr Advanced TTC Retreat

12th July – 25th July 2019, Mount Olympus, Greece

This two week journey will empower you deeply, in your own practice and as a teacher whilst witnessing the astonishing nature of Mount Olypmus.

Guruji International Sadhana

August & September

Chaitra Navaratri

28th September – 10th October, ShivohamTantra Ashram, Saoner, India

We will celebrate Navaratri at ShivohamTantra Ashram in presence of Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar. Here you will experience more intense Sadhana and a level one purification process of the ShivohamTantra system.

300hr Sharabh Yoga TTC & Intitiation

2nd Nov. – 14th Dec. Shivohamtantra Ashram, Saoner, Nagpur, India

Sharabh Tantra Yoga is a system of Yoga that has been transmitted through the Bhairavanand Tantra lineage. It is an authentic and advanced system of Indian Yoga.

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