Workshops and Retreats

Devotional Bhakti Retreat

Agama Hatha yoga workshops and classes

Yogic Hridaya Meditation Retreat

Hridaya yoga and Meditation workshops and classes

Reiki workshops for Levels 1, 2 and 3

Children’s yoga workshops for children and teachers

Tantric workshops for men and women

Sacred Sexuality for women

Mystical Dance for women

Women’s circles and retreats for Expression and Transformation


Special Events

Spiritual events offer a sacred space for celebration and adoration of our Divine Nature. These various events are integrated into workshops and retreats.

Angel Walk

An angel walk is a group meditation of the heart. The event gives individuals the invitation to walk with eyes closed along a pathway of human angels; the supporting group of angels are on either side guiding them along the pathway. The angels share loving words and offer pure love in the form of safe touch. Each member of the group has the opportunity to be guided along the angelic pathway.

Anahata Music Meditations

The group sits in a circle and one by one each person sits in the middle and receives the love and energy from the group. The meditation is supported by music that elevates the energy of the heart.

Bhajan and Kirtan – Devotional Singing and Dancing

These events celebrate life with the chanting of sacred songs and mantras to worship the Divine. This Divinity we worship is also perceived as the essence of our being. These events open the heart in devotion and the joy of being

Spiritual and Global Healing Dance Parties

These spiritual and elevating dance parties are organised by Satyaheart and friends with a particular intention to dance for the benefit of the planet. These parties not only embrace our social expression, they also become a part of a spiritual practice of compassion and joy. The energy manifested and expressed through dance is offered for Global Healing

Spiritual fun theme Parties

 Gods and Goddesses, Arabian Nights, Valentines are a few examples of some of the themed parties that can be offered. A lot of creativity is used in holding very enjoyable, exciting and sublime parties.


This is a specialized department offered to individuals and organizations who may get a little bit too serious and mind orientated on the spiritual path. Alternatively some of our clients are simply ready in their heart to enjoy great humour.

No more words can be expressed as breading is an undercover operation.

Keep light. Keep young at heart and the Universe will reveal itself.