Dipti Baswar

Our Indian classical dance teacher and wife and translator of Guruji

Dipti Baswar brings a very special immersion into Indian classical Dance on our women’s Yoga & Tantra teacher trainings. Dipti is deeply inspired by Bharatnatyam classical dance and is a direct disciple and wife of Guruji RajKumar Baswar. Her teaching combines the wisdom of Tantra with Indian classical dance to offer a dance of evolution. Dipti shares the esoteric history of this dance with a knowledge that has much been lost. In this 3 day sadhana immersion she teaches alongside Guruji combining Mantra, Yantra and Yagna with mudras, kriyas and dance practices so that the dance becomes a truly divine feminine practice.

Dipti also supports students in their contact with Guruji as his translator and general support. As some students continue sadhana with Guruji’s guidance, Dipti is the direct contact person to whom they can contact, and offers her time and support for this linage selflessly and with respectabed wisdom.

Keith Belliss

Bsc.Sci.(hons.) Sports Science, Dip. Shiatsu

Keith has worked as a sports scientist and shiatsu therapist in several locations including a physical rehabilitation centre as part of a team of Chiropractors, occupational therapists and physiotherapists and Nuffield hospital as part of their physiotherapy department.
He now concentrates on teaching anatomy and physiology to the Devon School of Yoga;  the International school of Macrobiotics and Exeter college of further education, all based in the U.K. He has an enthusiasm and wonder for understanding the marvels of the human body and inter grating concepts from complementary therapy and mainstream medicine.

Cheryl Friedman

Cheryl’s life-long love of music and singing combined with a desire to share the healing power of sound has blossomed into a path as kirtan leader and sound-based yoga teacher. She is a graduate of The Heart of Sound, the world’s first registered yoga teacher training based entirely on the transformational power of sound. This 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified course provided an immersion into the world of Nāda (sound) Yoga including Sanskrit, Mantra, Bhakti and Kirtan. Cheryl also completed the two month kirtan course at Radhadesh Temple in Belgium, and has participated in workshops with kirtan artists Jai Uttal and Dave Stringer.

She currently lives on a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand, leading kirtan, offering rebirthing breathwork and Innerdance journeys, and sharing her knowledge of Sanskrit and Mantra with yoga teacher trainees.

Doctor D.K Srivastava

Our doctor and teacher of Ayurveda in Rishikesh

Doctor D.K Srivastava is a respected and international physician of Ayurveda. He is a Gold medalist with many credentials to his name. He has been working in the field of Ayurveda for over 20 years and has received many international and national awards for outstanding achievement in this field.

He is the managing director of Navjeevanam Kaya Kalp Medical Research Institute in Rishikesh, India where supports the healing process for people with acute and chronic diseases. His centre is also an institute for Pancha Karma where him and his wife work together as a professional team.

D.K has become well respected for his ability to read the most subtle indications from pulse reading in order to diagnose and understand the body’s weaknesses and strengths on all the levels from physical, emotional to mental and spiritual.
He has taught in Europe for several years offering his expertise and philosophy in ‘The art of healthy living’ where he transmits the wisdom of Ayurveda and the way to health and happiness.

Viktoria Hartung Biography

Our anatomy teacher for Thailand

Viktoria Hartung was born in Russia, grew up in Belarus and has lived in Germany and Spain for more then 15 years. Her journey has taken her through Christian, Shaman and Inca traditions, and finally brought her to Yoga and Meditation. A very deep yearning to understand reality led her from a life as a scientist in pharmaceutical research to a life of Yoga, living in a community with an enthusiastic team of yogis, teachers and therapists.

Her deep craving for study and self development and a curious scientific mind has helped her to combine her experience and knowledge of medicine with yoga to discover the power of a holistic health approach. Viktoria teaches our Anatomy Module on the Thailand training, giving the understanding of our physical body as an amazing personal laboratory and beautiful complex structure together with a very practical approach for future teaching.

She is a fully qualified Therapeutic Yoga Instructor (500 hrs) and also works at Agama Healing Center. She has additional expertise in Ayurveda, AcroYoga, as well as Massage Practitioner (Deep Tissue, Thai and Flying Thai Massage). She is also a certified as a teacher Yoga, Traditional Tantra Yoga and Nadi Healing Touch.

Dr Dimitry Shamenkov

Dimitry presents a holistic way of living on our training in Thailand

Dimitry Shamenkov is qualified as a doctor of medicine, and specialises in family medicine, mindfulness-based health management, nanotechnology, regenerative medicine, stem cells biology,and social physiology.

He is a director at Suz, a holistic Russian network that empowers people to heal themselves through self awareness and self responsibility.Dmitry lives in Thailand at Suz Retreat centre and works closely with the local Thai community, through time spent in their monasteries he has integrated his medical and psychology background with Buddhism. The System of Health Management (SUZ – abbrev. from “Sistema Upravleniya Zdoroviem” in Russian) — is a scientifically based technology for health recovery and self-actualisation in all areas of life: physical, psychological, social, economic, and spiritual.

As part of our Thailand teacher training Dimitry joins us to share this system in a very in depth and inspiring presentation that is be applied most excellently to the ancient Yoga philosophies. The knowledge and wisdom received from Dimitry will most certainly be a gift that if embraced, will change the way you approach life, bringing you a sense of deep trust and more harmony in your relationships.

Draupadi Gershewitch

Women’s Retreat facilitator

Draupadi is a deeply intuitive healer and visionary. She has lived in the magical isle of Avalon for almost 20 years and is deeply connected to the energies of this sacred land and to the lady of Avalon. She has dedicated her life to working in service for the Divine Mother and is wholly commited to facilitating the healing process of women to help with their empowerment and assisting them to reconnect with their natural feminine essence. She teaches with spirit and humour and really guides her students to go deep in their process so they may truly walk with grace in their divine purpose.

After a long journey of dealing with her own difficulties in life that manifested through addictions, she is loving proof of how someone can turn their lives around completely and find their true purpose in the same lifetime. She lives her life in a magical way and her motto is to :move ,touch and inspire, Draupadi does this naturally.

Draupadi teaches shamanic belly dance and holds women’s circles, is a priestess of Avalon, medicine woman, ceremonialist, musician, artist and training Kundalini yoga teacher. She lives with her 18 year old dog and is devoted grandmother of three.

Dr. Prateek Mishrapuri

Our astrologer and guest speaker in Rishikesh

Prateek Mishrapuri was born in Haridwar near the Himalayas in North India, he is presently working in Rishikesh. Prateek was born in an old Brahman family where the studying and teaching of Vedic Astrology and Yoga has its tradition over the last thirty generations. He studied with his grandfather and later went to college in Haridwar where he studied Vedic Astrology and Yoga. He finished with a doctorate.

His main subjects are: Vedic Astrology, Pranayama Breathing therapy and Yoga therapy. He is regularly travelling abroad to countries such as USA, Australia, Israel, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, U.K and Russsia. He has received prices for his great astrological achievements and was many times in national and international media. Prateek joins us in Rishikesh to share his wisdom on Astrology and traditional Tantric philosophy.

Ram Avnur

Professional astrologer

Ram was born in Israel and spent years of education and practice in martial arts, the arts of acting and painting as well as literature and was always fascinated by the the connection between the body, mind and spirit. He has been travelling in India and Thailand deepening his spiritual knowledge and practice since 2008.

For the last 8 years Ram has dived deep in the occult science and art of western astrology as well as yoga and meditation, he finds the scientific and spiritual correlation fascinating. He offers profound readings on various topics and combines insight astrology with the practical knowledge of Tantric yoga. In addition he runs workshops on astrology and guides and empowers aspirants in their own journey into its mysteries and revelations.

Justine Baruch

Guest speaker and inspiration in Thailand

Justine has trained as a meditation, yoga and Tantra teacher and travels around the world offering workshops and courses. Using her background in psychology and skill with communication she helps her students to see beyond the limitations of their egos and confront their inhibitions, finding harmony and evolution through their relationships. Aside from relationships counseling she is also a trained doula and teaches courses on the journey from conscious conception and ecstatic birth.