Christina Argyropoulou – UK

Christina teaches Hatha yoga in London and Greece. She is interested in gentle and centered embodied practices that aim to cultivate self-care and deeper awareness of our true nature. Her classes combine mindfulness with yoga and follow a meditative flow with some energetic exploration.

Christina also works as a Movement Psychotherapist and Psychologist for the past 15 years, supporting people in their process of accessing their creative and healing potential.  She has trained in Ayurvedic bodywork.

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Debbie Caruso – Germany

Debbie was born in Wales, UK and has been living many years in the beautiful mountain region of Southern Bavaria. She was introduced at a very young age to different energy practices by her father who was a Tai Chi, Qigong and Martial Arts teacher, writer and lecturer, and senior instructor for the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. After almost a lifetime of using different energy work and spiritual practices to heal her own emotional and physical trauma she found her passion in teaching and empowering others to do the same. She loves to research and study different energy and healing methods, tying in many techniques from different traditions, to help others on their own personal journey to physical, emotional and spiritual health and happiness.

Debbie teaches classes, courses and workshops in Germany and Austria. She teaches with great passion and humour. She is intuitive and caring. Her classes are always informative, offering the student new insights and practical tips and methods that can also be used outside of the class to bring about balance and wellbeing. She has completed the Satya Loka 200 hour Yoga & Traditional Tantra TTC, Has practiced Kundalini Yoga for 16 years, teaching it for the last 6 years. She is a full instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain, teaching Tai Chi and Qigong, Sound Healing & Meditation. She has her Acupressure diploma, SNHC, and is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, studying under Donna Eden and Madison King.

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Einath (Nati) Cohen – Austria

Tripura Bala Yoga

Nati was Born and raised in Israel and living for more then 10 years in Tyrol. She started her Journey with Dancing at the age of 4 and through the Love of Art and Music made her way to India. Inspired by Nature, Spices & Culture, she found Yoga and Yoga found her. Nati teaches Vinyasa, Tantric Hatha, Meditation & Pranayama after the Indian Principles. At the moment she explores the Divine Feminine. She believes that Yoga is here to help us accept who we Are.

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Elena Atanassowa – Germany

There’s so much to explore behind what can be seen with the physical eye and I’ve always been eager to find out about those hidden worlds! My teachings are based on personal experience – everything I show you, I’ve integrated in my own life!
I’ll take you on a journey to yourself, your body & soul! Live! Be wild and unpredictable! And meet the most important person in your life – yourself!

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Fidelia Lutterbeck – Germany

Traditional Hatha Yoga & Mindful Movement

Our body is a palace where we can come back to every moment, to do that we can practice yoga, sing, dance.. if we are more in our body we can be more in our center, which allows us then to yield into life, relationships and into our heartspace. My wish is to accompany you, to find your personal key to this palace of infinite wonders Hatha Yoga is about balancing our lunar and solar sides. The prolonged holding of Asanas (yoga poses) allows us to become aware of our physical and subtle bodies, which opens up the access to the different energy centers.  We also practice basic techniques of Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation to round off the practice. Yoga gives us the opportunity to turn inward to discover a place of peace and stillness. I invite you to find this place through a deeper connection to your body and to let this awareness permeate your life on and off the mat. Weekly somatic practice contains various approaches and techniques. We will explore perception on a deeper level, using elements of bodywork, voice and movement research. In other words: We will discover the joy of having a body.  Fidelia (Berlin/ Dakar)  is a performance artist, holistic body practitioner and yoga teacher.  She combines her artistic practice with alternative healing methods. She shares her knowledge through various movement-based somatic approaches, including contact improvisation and voice work. Fidelia is following the Somatic Movement Educator Program of Body-Mind Centering® and is a certified Traditional Tantra Hatha Yoga teacher (RYT 200).

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Hanneke Laaning – Netherlands

Hanneke offers Mindful Yoga, Soulful Circles & retreats. She teaches in The Netherlands, Ibiza and France and organizes Soul Circles, Kirtan Circles &Women’s Circles.

The retreats she offers are filled with mindfulness practices, mindful yoga, hatha yoga, partner yoga, meditation, kirtan, different kind of dance, poetry and rituals.

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Iamme Candlewick – Czech Republic

Since early childhood Iamme’s mom caught her silently sitting by the window for hours and, as she said, “meditating”. Lots ofinner fire drove Iamme to train karate since she was 8 years old. When Iamme was 18, she realized that her feminine side also needed something a bit different. When she came across a book Light on Meditation by Shri Dhyanyogi, she got shivers all over her spine and decided this was the path the explore deeper. Coincidently, soon after that, Dhyanyogi’s direct sadhaka Anandi Ma came to the Czech Republic and so Iamme received her first Shaktipat and Vajra Panjar in 2008.
In 2011 Iamme finished her University studies in USA and started feeling very strong unidentified pain in her pelvis that doctors couldn’t explain. Later in Prague, they found Iamme suffered from vast endometriosis and had a 15cm growth around her ovaries. She had immediately undergone an operation and was given hormonal therapy but it wouldn’t help much. She was feeling worse and western doctors didn’t give her any chance to be healthy again. Toward the end of 2011 Iamme decided to go wherever it takes her and look for a way to become healthy and went to India where she stayed for 6 months. In India she has undergone techniques of panchakarma, started practicing hours of yoga on a daily basis and took her first teacher training. When she came home, her health got better. In the next 6 moths Iamme kept her cleansing and yogic routine very strictly and became completely healthy. Since then, Iamme practices yoga every day and works as a yoga instructor. She especially loves working with people inprivate sessions through yoga therapy and marma therapy, organizing workshops and retreats around the Czech Republic and Europe. Every year, she goes to India and holds a retreat there, too. Iamme also loves singing, writes songs and has released to music albums. In Prague, she makes documentary programs for the Radio Český Rozhlas.
When Iamme met Radasi, she felt a deep connection to her ways of teaching and passing on the studies of yoga and feels happy to be able to be around such great source of deep commitment to traditional studies of Tantra.

Iamme believes that everything you can imagine is possible.

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Tryphena Neale – England

Tryphena completed her teacher training with Satya Loka in Rishikesh 2016. Since experiencing the intense sisterhood and transformation, she knew part of her dharma was to help celebrate and heal the feminine spirit. She currently teaches meditative tantric yoga in Brighton, England whilst offering classes to women with M.S and to young girls. She believes that yoga has the ability to help us develop a gratitude and love for life, by first loving and honouring ourselves. Her classes embrace and nourish the more subtle levels on which yoga works with a restorative approach, drawing on methods of self-enquiry, mindfulness and music meditation.  Tryphena hopes to hold space for students to go beyond the physical body and mind so that they may come to a place of peace and unconditional joy- one which they continue to access off the mat. Her next step is to start teaching in Thailand in 2018.

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