Sacred Sexuality

Transforming the act of love making into something that is consciously sacred and spiritual is the root of developing harmonious relationships with our partners and lovers.

When we rise above the regular interplay of sexuality we can open ourselves to learn how to utilize our sexual potential for our highest good. This can be done through particular Yogic practices.

Sacred sexuality is aligned with the traditional Tantric Yogic philosophy of India. The teachings offer aspects of both left and right hand tantra where the ultimate intention is to recognise the Divine presence through one another and to raise our individual consciousness to oneness. This is also understood as the unification of Shakti  [which is the energy and manifestation of the feminine] and Shiva , [pure consciousness].This is explored through ritual and Yogic techniques that harness the sexual energy and channel this primal and powerful essence to the higher centers of our being.

Satyaloka offers workshops that hold a safe and transformative space for men and women to learn and practice these traditional techniques and philosophy.


Inter relating meditations 


The beginning and the end of any interpersonal Tantric practice or relationship is in the intention and experiencing of recognising the higher divine qualities in one another.
This is the core secret of sexual Tantric Union. At different stages of our interrelating the ego projects and does not always have the ability to see the higher essence that exists within one another. This essence is that of Shiva and Shakti.

When a man and woman come together in Transfiguration meditation a powerful sacred space is created to open the potential for this witnessing of purity and oneness between two people. These are group meditations that allow each man and woman to sit in an eyes-open meditation opposite each person in the group and open to the inner depth of one another.