Sister Circles


As women, when we discover the depth of beauty, power and love that lies within our feminine essence we can then journey through life and love in a clear and harmonious way,  bringing a nurturing and profound energy to our roles as teachers, mothers, lovers and wisdom keepers.  In honouring our femininity we also honour the masculine and there true union is revealed. It is our natural birthright to manifest our highest potential, and through sacred women’s circles and shakti groups we explore and unveil our feminine power and beauty.

These workshops and sessions may include any of the following aspects:

Sacred Dance

Fire ceremony

Talking and listening heart circles

Kirtan, devotional practices and singing

Exploring the various expressions and energies of the wisdom Goddesses of the Indian Tantric tradition (The Maha Vidyas)

Creating Yantras (mandalas for the Tantric Goddesses)

Sacred sexuality and conscious relationship discussion

Balancing our yin and yang energies; understanding our masculine and feminine aspects to our being

Women’s devotional ritual to learn how to create sacred space and connect to the elements

Healing ourselves through connecting to the unlimited source of healing energy that we naturally receive

Hridaya Meditations to remind us as women that our most natural way is to centre in the heart and explore meditation through devotion