Ritual Meditations

These group meditations in the form of rituals offer opportunities to open the energy of the heart and create sacred space. These practices are taught in Satya Loka, and can be integrated into workshops and retreats.

Angel Walk

An angel walk is a group meditation that both requires and creates an heart centred connection within the group. Each person is invited to walk with eyes closed along a pathway that is created by the people standing on either side. The two lines of people serve as a supporting group of ‘angels’ that then guide each individual along the pathway as the person walks forward. Loving words and strokes are offered with safe touch and sometimes hugging. Each member of the group has the opportunity to be guided along the angelic pathway, and music is played to create an elevated and nurturing atmosphere. 


One of our most beloved rituals is that of Abhishekham. During this ritual we make offerings to the particular deity that is being worshipped, whilst at the same time chanting mantra, or devotional songs and prayers. This is a highly purifying ceremony that also bestows blessings from the energies that are being honoured.  

Bhajan and Kirtan

These terms relate to devotional singing and during Kirtan even dancing. Mantras are more commonly used in the songs that are sung. The chanting  mantras helps us to naturally open our hearts and find a joyous expression on the spiritual path. The use of mantra is an ancient method of spiritual awakening as we attune ourselves to high vibrational frequencies in the universe that can be respected and honoured as the science of spirit and matter or can be honoured as the forms of Gods and Goddesses from different traditions. When we sing these mantras, the energy that is naturally created is more effortlessly directed to open the heart.

Heart music meditations

This meditation opens ourselves to receiving and giving love in a very subtle and non evasive way. During this meditation the group sits in a circle and one by one each person sits in the middle and receives the love and silent good wishes that with intention flows from the surrounding group into the centre where the person is sitting. The meditation is supported by music that elevates the energy of the heart.

Prayer Vigils

A Vigil is a period of time consecrated in an offering of prayer, songs, poetry, devotion and meditation. The group attending join together in their prayers of gratitude and spiritual awakening. The vigil is held in an atmosphere of sacred silence where the voice is only used in the reciting of sacred texts and devotional songs.A vigil usually continues through the night, ending at sunrise, this stokes the fire of aspiration and cultivates a commitment to offer our energy to our higher purpose despite tiredness or fatigue. This commitment and austerity and continual immersion in sadhana leaves participants feeling stronger and more elevated, and more inspired in life in general