Austrian Alps TTC

29th of April – 27th May 2020, AlpenRetreat, Austria

Our 200hr Austrian Alps teacher training course is Yoga Alliance certified and offered to both men and women. 

This training is hosted in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Tirol’s Alps are a true fountain of strength: crystal clear water, lush green pasture lands, picture-book mountains and clean air. The location is surrounded by breathtaking beauty and unspoilt nature. Tirol is the perfect place for us to explore the depths of Yoga.

You will learn how to teach Tantra and Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and meditation. This course will further deepen your practice and spiritual development by offering the ancient tantric practices of Yagna, Yantra & Mantra meditation.

The course is also infused with a devotional teachings and activities from Bhakti Yoga and various themed dance journeys which bring a heart centred approach to the training. The course is supported by an Indian spiritual master who has guided many Westerners in traditional tantric practices.


During the training we will also study cleansing Kriyas and Pranyama to purify the mind and deepen our ability to be centred and present in life. Regular devotional singing of Kirtan and Hridaya meditation will give you a personal opportunity to open the energy of the heart.

The theory elements cover many topics always including Yogic Philosophy and ancient scriptures such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and an introduction into the Ribhu Gita and Devi Gita of ancient India, Ayurveda, anatomy, sacred sexuality.

  • Learn from devoted teachers who have embodied the Yogi ideals and share real life examples
  • A traditional Tirolian venue in the heart of the Austrian Alps that will match the depth of your spiritual experience
  • Feel the support of a caring and safe space to help you go beyond your limitations
  • As soon as you enter, you become a part of the family, and may feel like you’ve know everyone for years
  • Appreciate beauty, harmony and attention to the detail in each aspect of the course
  • Yantra, Mantra and Yagna
  • Traditional Tantra Sadhana
  • Pranayama
  • Anatomy
  • Hatha and Tantra Yoga
  • Meditation techniques 
  • Sacred expression
  • Yogic philosophy and sacred texts
  • Sharing circles
  • Teaching methodology
6.00 am – Mantra Meditation (10 days)
6.30 am – Fire ceremony or Pranayama
7.10 am – Time for tea or self-practice
7.30 am – Yoga class
9.00 am – Hridaya Meditation
9.45 am – Breakfast
10.45 am – Yoga Philosophy or Anatomy
1.00 pm – Lunch and Rejuvenate
3.30 pm – Teaching Methodology
5.45 pm – Tantric practices, Bhajans or Conscious Dance
7.00 pm – Dinner


Our Teachers

Ra Lalita Dasi

The widespread community connected to Satya Loka is inspired by the discovery of truth through the teachings of Traditional Tantra, Yoga, meditation and self inquiry. We offer retreats teacher trainings, free international supported Sadhana and ongoing support in a personal heart centred and transparent way.

Radasi is the school’s founder and personally facilitates each training with a commitment to truth. She has consistently accrued over 2200 hours in training, including ten years studying to become a teacher trainer in Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. Radasi breaths, studies, teaches and loves her deepest passion, and that is to live a life immersed in Yoga, Traditional Tantra, meditation, dance, devotion and ritual.

Michelle Levi

Michelle lives a life devoted to Yoga and spiritual evolution, she is dedicated to raising her own consciousness and hence that of those around her, understanding the inter-connectedness of all things.
Michelle’s own practice and teaching style is continually evolving. In recent years she has been influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli and she has also sat some long personal silent retreats at Gaia House, studying primarily the Buddha’s teachings on Emptiness. Michelle has also spent time in retreat with Sahajananda following his teachings on the Spiritual Heart, Hridaya Yoga, as the connection to kindness and the heart is central to Michelle’s practice and teaching.
Michelle first met Radasi in a ritual ceremony in 2009 and immediately recognised her as a kindred spirit – a fellow Yogini immersed in the world of Bhakti. She has been collaborating on these TTCs since 2015.

Keith Belliss

Keith has worked as a sports scientist and shiatsu therapist in several locations including a physical rehabilitation centre as part of a team of Chiropractors, occupational therapists and physiotherapists and Nuffield hospital as part of their physiotherapy department.
He now concentrates on teaching anatomy and physiology to the Devon School of Yoga; the International school of Macrobiotics and Exeter college of further education, all based in the U.K. He has an enthusiasm and wonder for understanding the marvels of the human body and inter grating concepts from complementary therapy and mainstream medicine.

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