“Please thank yourselves for creating this unique TTC where everything has been thought to nourish our true heart, inner goddess, to reveal the treasures from within and allow us just to BE with sincerity. You are amazing goddesses and beautiful examples of how to be natural. Your honest hearts helped me to open mine while feeling safe. Now I have to enjoy this tasty delight! :)” Elodie Geles

“I feel much more connected to my centre and power as a woman. The most influential was just having you two as teachers. You are both so embodied in your feminine goddess nature which is so unique. i feel so blessed to have role models like you. It’s very rare to find teachers who are leading from a powerful feminine place.” Claire Henry

“Lorraine is a huge inspiration to me and introduced me to the joys of Ashtanga Yoga. I have been to many of her classes. She teaches with total commitment and compassion and I feel her energy strongly in every class. She teaches with tremendous grace and has the ability to transmit her clients into a deep meditative state, even when performing advanced postures. She has inspired me to learn more about Ashtanga Yoga and I hope that we can maintain contact in the future”.
Marta White, 31 years old, Personal Trainer.

“I met Ra Dasi in May 2009 when I participated in Agama Teacher Training Course (TTC) special program. She was one of my main teachers during the 3 month period of the course. I feel I cannot imagine my TTC experience without her. She was simply one of the main pillars, models and references I had during such an intense training. And it was so beautiful, nurturing and illuminating to have her example and guidance. She is an extraordinary Yoga Teacher, but more important than that, for me, is her maturity and spiritual richness and the beauty of her Heart which permeate her teachings and the way she shares her light with all the souls she finds in her path.”
Maribel Gonzalez Tato.

‘Learning yoga with Lorraine is a profoundly joyous and deepening practice, she manages to bring humour and authenticity together with a genuine embodiment of stillness and the sacred.’
Eliza Kenyon, UK.

‘Incredibly inspiring! Radasi’s classes make the spirit soar. She was so inspiring in every class and an awesome role model and I know I will be a much better teacher for having been graced with her teaching.’
Ruth, Agama TTC 2012

“Last December 2010 I had a timely opportunity to practice Ashtanga yoga with Lorraine Taylor at the Eshed, Fremantle, Perth. Lorraine introduced a slow, meditative flow with a high level of focus and precision, relaying a sound foundation and providing inspiration for the development of a dedicated Ashtanga practice. I have greatly benefited from the technical, yet spiritual wisdom passed on at this workshop. I thank you warmly, Lorraine, and look forward to extending my practice with you in the future. Madeline”

‘We are all here to find our way home through yoga. Radasi takes you there for a visit, so you can take others. Her classes were amazing. I have learned so much and I am greatly inspired. She has faith in the teachings, and in herself she radiates it.’
Lior, Agama TTC 2012

In December 2010, I participated in a two week Ashtanga yoga workshop taught by Lorraine at the Fremantle Yoga Centre, Perth Western Australia. Lorraine’s passion and expertise were clearly evident, vividly bringing alive the Pattabhi Jois Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, inspiring all of us who were present – people of different levels of yoga experience – to explore and grow, and gently guiding us towards a deeper, instinctual understanding of the more subtle aspects of the Series. With an emphasis on being present in the moment as we stretched and moved, regulating the breath and the flow of energy, we methodically learned how to perform the Series with awareness and grace. The Series becomes a vehicle for self-evaluation and positive change. I am very grateful for the beautiful gift of Ashtanga yoga that Lorraine has given me, and for sharing it’s true essence. I hope to integrate some of the lessons learned from my regular practice of Ashtanga yoga into my daily life.
Sam Carrello – Freemantle Western Australia

“Radasi’s radiance and light permeate all who she guides. Hers is a light of the most beautiful and genuine kind.” There is deep wisdom, guidance, support and love palpable in all of Radasi’s teachings and offerings. Her knowledge is firmly rooted in theory and deeply known through experience. Her guidance is soft in its delivery and strong in its message. Deeply intuitive, spontaneous, and present in her classes and meditations, Radasi’s love and efforts have left an indelible mark on myself and my family. I am deeply grateful for her teachings and magnificent love.
Blaire Houghton, Canada. Mystical Dance TTC.

“Wow… My previous experience was more ‘gymnastics’… This was divine devotion expressed in motion. Excellent!” Sona Salami

“This was a huge gift to my practice and life. I feel I have finally connected and deepened with my breath.” Beth Laskin