Satya Loka School

Satya means truth and Loka means indwelling, home, abode or world.

In the Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar – Paramahansa Yogananda’s teacher – from the lineage of the great master Avatara Babaji, the universe is described as being divided into seven different spheres, Swargas or Lokas. The 7th sphere Satya Loka is the sphere of God, otherwise known as Sat. It is the realm where the Yogi(ni) achieves liberation from the recurring cycle of birth, death and rebirth, and recognises union with our true essence. Our school is dedicated to offer techniques and trainings that focus on this recognition and union with our highest potential.

Satya Loka School of Traditional Yoga and Tantra was founded in 2012 originally under the name of Satyaheart with teachings. For a period of two years the school offered women’s teacher training under the co founded name Yogini Devi, in 2014 the school became established under the name Satya Loka.

Satya Loka offers teachings mainly in India, Greece and Austria and offers international supported sadhana. The main teachings are diverse and integral teachings to both men and women in the form of teacher trainings, retreats, sadhanas, seminars, webinars and personal tuition.

Here at Satya Loka School we have a humble intention to honour the purity and truth of traditional teachings. We have all studied with renowned teachers and masters, and through their grace we endeavour to transmit the practices in a clear and digestible way.

Our school is supported by Guru Ji Raj Kumar, a traditional Tantric master from India, and by Prem Baba, a master from the Sacha Linage of India, who guides people on the Path of the Heart.