These ceremonies are offered as specialized rituals for various celebrations and purposes.

Sacred Fire Ceremonies

Fire ceremonies amplify the power of prayer using mantras and devotional chanting. Fire ceremonies are used on special occasions to honour different intentions and astrological moments. For those participating it is a powerful tool to purify and raise awareness and consciousness .

Prayer Vigils

A Vigil is an offering of prayer, devotion and meditation that usually continues through the night, ending at sunrise. The group attending join together in their prayers of gratitude and spiritual awakening.

24 hour Easter Prayer Vigils

This Vigil is offered over the Easter weekend. The esoteric Prayer of the Heart is used throughout the vigil along with the reading of scriptures and inspiring poetry.

Elemental Rituals

 Various types of rituals are offered that honour the elemental forces within and without our being. These rituals include dancing, toning, singing and celebrating the elements, the rituals are held in nature.

Full Moon Ritual

Celebrating and embracing the energy of the full moon to honour the yin receptive energy through song, dance and meditation. A celebration of the Goddess!

Dark Moon Shiva Ratri Ritual

Honouring the dark night of each month as a night of pure consciousness and stillness, it is the night of Shiva. These energies are embraced in meditation and worship.

Women’s passage of rites

A passage of rite is a ritual that honours a time of transition, a women’s passage of rite celebrates the journey from maidenhood to women hood. This is an all night ritual using  Fire ceremony, dance and meditation.