Counseling Therapy

Person Centered counseling is a way of offering support for individuals to work through emotional, mental and spiritual issues as part of a talking and sharing based therapy.

Individuals can explore any problems and gain clarification and resolution from disharmonious patterns and mental and emotional disturbances that often control them with unconscious reactions to the events in life. Talking to another person in a therapy session were the therapist is solely present to act as a reflective, empathic and supportive companion can often give the necessary space for deep transformation and freedom.

Person-centered therapy

Person-centered therapy is also known as person-centered psychotherapy, person-centered counseling and client-centered therapy. This technique has proven to be a vastly effective and popular treatment in the field of psycho-therapy.

It is a form of psychotherapy developed by psychologist Carl Rogers in the 1940s and 1950s. Carl Rogers’ approach is of a holistic nature, acknowledging and integrating all aspects of a person from the physical to the spiritual. Person centered therapy offers the individual a opportunity to develop a sense of self wherein they can realize how their attitudes, feelings and behavior are being affected and through awareness and acceptance to then find their true potential. In this approach, therapists create a comfortable, non-judgmental environment by demonstrating congruence (genuineness), empathy, and unconditional positive regard toward their clients while using a non-directive approach. This aids the individual in finding their own solutions to their problems. It is recognised that the therapeutic process is essentially the accomplishments made by the client themselves and therefore equips them with the experience that they possess their own tools for healing and transformation.

Radasi has levels 1, 2 and 3 in Person Centered Counseling including the Advanced Diploma which is certified by the BAC [British Association of Counseling]. Radasi trained for many years in England as a Person Centered therapist. She has worked in various organizations including doctor’s surgeries, homeless centres, rehabilitation groups counseling people with grievances around death, relationship issues, depression, addictions, mental health issues and general feelings of apathy and depression.

Combined with years of experience of in Yoga and Healing Radasi offers sessions in an empathic, non judgmental and sincere space of love. She cares deeply for the growth and liberation of all beings to realise themselves in a place of contentment and love.