Sacred Dance

Sacred dance is a natural and unifying expression for most women. From our source of Shakti (divine energy) and our innate receptivity as women, we can so easily access and feel the bliss of our feminine nature whilst engaged in movement and dance. We often just need the space and encouragement to connect with our bodies and hearts.

Dance provides an enjoyable tool to go beyond the mind, and by surrendering to our own natural rhythms we recognise and reveal our inner truth. Once we awaken our natural energy, self confidence and a feeling of alignment to our true purpose is revealed.

Sacred Dance has historically been a mystical art and an authentic path to spiritual realisation. There are many forms of Sacred Dance that we teach originating from diverse spiritual paths including Tribal dance, Sacred Belly Dance, Five Rhythms, Sufi Whirling, Indian Devotion Dance, Shamanic Trance Dance, Seven Veils, Celtic Dance, Chakra and Kundalini Dance.

At Satya Loka you also experience a variety of improvised and creative styles of dance, some of these include the dance of the Tantric Wisdom Goddesses also known as the Maha Vidyas, different elemental dances for the Earth Goddess, water, fire, air and ether elements, Shakti Bhakti dances, dancing away the masks of the ego and the dance of the Devi Dasis.

At our Yogini Tantrika teacher training course we use Sacred Dance as a way to unite our sisterhood and empower women to honour their unique beauty, expression and sacred presence on this planet. 

Radasi has a life-time of experience in dance. In the last fifteen years she has embraced dance as a specific aspect of her own tantric Yoga practice. She has shared and guided women to offer their feminine expression and their inner priestess energy in devotional group ritual and performances.

Ecstatic Dance

At Satya Loka we hold various forms of Ecstatic Dance, similar to the teachings of Five Rhythms and general ecstatic movement that uses the awareness of energy and conscious movement creating the experience of Tantra in dance.

Kundalini awakening during dance can spontaneously occur for many people, often without themselves even realising the meta physical depth of their experience.

Many traditions use dance for spiritual awakening and to go into deep trance, including Indian Devotional dance, Sufi Whirling, Native American Shamanic Dance and many more.

During sessions we prepare ourselves through focusing on the breath, the Prana and the energising of the Chakra system, we also explore the different styles of dance and movement relating to different energies.

We look deep into the tantric correlations of consciousness and energy and how this awareness can be applied to the dance.

We also dance the seven Rhythms of life through the Chakra system guiding and exploring our seven planes of consciousness. These guided dance meditations naturally awakens and harmoniously guides our Kundalini, where we can then utilise this fundamental force of energy for spiritual benefits.

Ecstatic dance combines ancient and modern methods of dance, shamanism and Yoga to offer a dance experience that will help reveal the deeper reality of your being.