Yogini Devi Teacher Training Course

Our six week upcoming 2013 teacher training course, is registered by Yoga Alliance and is specially designed as a women’s sacred yoga course. We will study more deeply how to teach and transmit the essence of our Divine Feminine through a very graceful form of Ashtanga Yoga. The course will also include Hridaya meditation practice, pranayama, devotional chanting, sacred dance, yogic philosophy and many other renowned spiritual practices, including Bhakti yoga, Tantra and the study of The Maha Vidyas [The Wisdom Goddesses].

The training will also offer a personal one to one ayurvedic consultation at the start of the course to ensure you can take the right decisions in supporting your practice and style of living. Various cleansing and purification methods are taught . We also offer training on children’s yoga.

This course is being designed to train selected groups of women to become inspired yoga teachers. We will teach the knowledge of the ancient texts of the Goddess from the Hindu tradition and explore ways of unveiling your true Goddess nature. In most old traditions women were the inspiration and spiritual teachers in communities serving as priestesses, oracles, saints and tribal leaders as they were known to be direct channels for the Divine.

It is time now to shine our true light.

The Goddess speaks:

‘Before the beginning of the universe I alone existed with nothing other than myself. That self-nature is called by the names of consciousness, wisdom, and the supreme Brahman. ‘     –Devi Gita IV.3


Radasi and Lorraine Taylor join their unique skills to create the Devi Yogini Teacher Training Course. They will co lead and facilitate the entire course and training which will be held in May/June 2013 in Koh Phangan, Thailand.