Are you seeking a deeper connection to stillness or a need to slow down and restore yourself?

Would you like to explore Traditional Tantra Yoga in an accessible deeper immersion or are simply interested in experiencing our style of teachings?

If yes to any of the above then this retreat is for you. 

Our wonderful and simple guided retreat is designed to be a haven for you to immerse yourself into Yogic teaching and practices, and serves also a taster of our Online Yoga Alliance Certified Traditional Tantra Yoga Teacher Training.

If your personal circumstances allow, we invite you to immerse yourself in silence for the 2 day retreat in order to further the benefits of this immersion into Yoga.

If you would like to join this wonderful opportunity to learn and practice Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama in a safe environment with loving attentive teachers – do not hesitate to join us!

The retreat will be held mainly on 

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th October 2020 

(GMT +3 eastern european summer time zone).




  • 7.30pm – An optional meeting with the lead teacher at Satya Loka Traditional School of Tantra (Radasi). You are able to ask questions and prepare yourself for the classes. 
  • 8pm – Sing along or listen to the devotional chanting of mantra – Bhajans with Shaina.



  • 9-11am – In depth Traditional Tantra Yoga with Radasi
  • 11-12pm – Hridaya Meditation
  • 2pm – Tantra and Yoga Philosophy (pre-recorded content from our online TTC)
  • 6-7pm – Pranayama & Meditation
  • 8pm – Yoga Nidra with Yorgos



  • 9-11am – In depth traditional Tantra Yoga with Radasi
  • 11-12pm – So Ham Meditation.
  • 2pm – Live Q & A with Radasi & Yorgos
  • 6-8 pm – Pranayama & Meditation & Bhajans

If you are unable to join us in real time – you are able to view the retreat within 24 hours.

All times are GMT+3 eastern standard summer time zone (Greece).

The retreat is held on the platform Zoom 

(you will be provided with the details once we have your registration via email). 

The Friday night live bhajan will be transmitted from our Instagram account @SatyaLoka_TraditionalTantra



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Our Inspiration…

Last weekend we went offline, and immersed in a short but highly beneficial retreat of simple sadhana and silence. 

This inspired us to give the same opportunity for others to experience deeper inner nourishment and connection to the tranquility that eternally resides within.

Therefore we are lovingly inviting you to a Satya Loka School of Traditional Tantra 2 day online Yoga retreat which also serves as a taster of our online Yoga Alliance Certified 200hr Yoga and Tantra Teacher Training.

This is an opportunity for you to reconnect to Yoga and the stillness of the Heart from your home, and to create your own silent retreat – as much as your circumstances can allow for that. 

You will experience the practice of Yoga Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Bhakti Yoga along with an introduction into Yogic and Traditional Tantric philosophy.


Yoga NidraThe practice of Nidra Yoga has been found to reduce tension, anxiety and many mental and physical ailments and has overall deeply spiritual benefits. It is a state of consciousness where the practitioner is completely relaxed and becomes aware of their inner world by following a set of instructions that lead the awareness through a mental process into a state of supreme stillness and insight.

Yoga Nidra is often misunderstood and misrepresented in the West. Often, simple guided relaxations are referred to as Yoga Nidra. However, in fact there is a whole Yogic science to this practice.


Yog Asana – Our style of Yoga at Satya Loka takes you on an inner journey of self discovery through the postures of the body, exploring not only the physical benefits but also the myriad of ways we can perceive our subtle energetic body. The deepening and meditative practice helps to bring expansion and more inner peace. 


During Pranayama practice we will introduce different practices for the breath and expansion of inner energy known as Prana. Pranayama is a whole level of Yoga waiting to be discovered, it helps us to purify on a much deeper level which aids us to settle more into the practice of Meditation. Certain practices of pranayama also happen to be an excellent vehicle to calm the senses from burn-out and stress, by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system – which is responsible for relaxation and restoration.


On our retreat we offer two different meditation techniques; Hridaya Meditation, and So Ham Meditation. Meditation is an important Yogic practice that invites us back into the peace and stillness of the Heart, body and mind. Enabling us to re-identify with the pure awareness of our being. 


Bhakti Yoga is a form of devotional Yoga, and we will be connecting to this open Hearted reverence through the form of devotional singing of sacred Sanskrit mantras in the name of the Divine. It is a beautiful practice which allows you to connect to unconditional Love and presence. 

The session will be held on Instagram live, so you can listen rather than sing if you choose. However, we highly encourage you to explore this path of Yoga – as it is also a powerful way to rediscover and strengthen our connection to self expression and our voice – which is also an important tool for us as Yoga Teachers.


We will also take an introductory look at Yogic philosophy, so that you can discover the profound meaning and wonder – behind the Yoga practice that we all adore.


We encourage you to come and discover these amazing tools which can be used in our daily lives to reach deeper states of centredness and peace.

We look forward to seeing you there!

With Love,


And the Satya Loka Family


Here you can find the full details of our online Yoga Alliance Certified 200hr Traditional Tantra Yoga Teacher Training:

Online Teacher Trainings