Sessions & Workshops


Most of our main teachers are engaged with teacher trainings.

However some teachers are offering classes and workshops in Goa in December – March.

You are welcome to check the weekly activity through Facebook on the following teachers:

Ra Lalita Dasi

Sophia la Pastina Surya

Prashant Tewatia YogaMC

Michelle Levi is offering her Holistic retreats in the UK.

Dates of the following sessions available in Goa are to be confirmed when the season commences.

Tantra Yoga

Rediscover the traditional Tantric approach in Hatha yoga. An approach that awakens spiritual energy and reveals the awareness of consciousness. These classes incorporate vinyasa movements, pranayama, meditation and techniques to harmoniously channel Kundalini.


Traditional Tantric fire yagnas and bhakti puja

These traditional fire ceremonies offer a powerful tool for prayer and devotion. During the yagnas we use specific mantras supported by one of our spiritual masters, the mantras we use connect us with the energy of Shiva or the Goddesses Kali or Matangi.

These ceremonies are very purifying and support our spiritual practice, with the use of devotional singing we also bring the heart energy into the puja.


Sacred belly dance classes and Tantric femininity  workshops for women

Each dance class offers a unique sacred journey for Women to express and enhance their femininity through various styles of classical dance and a tantric form of bellydance.

We integrate the essence of Yoga and Tantra in our practice to give an all embracing and integral approach to femininity.