Advanced 100hr TTC Retreat

19th – 31st July 2020, Pantheon Retreat, Greece 

! This course can be joined for the first six days

or the full period ! 

Our advanced 100 hour teacher training is offered as a continued education for Yoga and Tantra and is education that is acknowledged by Yoga Alliance as YACEP.

Included in this course will be our Bhairav Tantra Sadhana with Guruji Maharaj.

This Yoga and Tantra teacher training is an invitation to study and embody the deeper aspects of Yoga, to enhance your own practice in the most authentic way so that you truly step into your highest potential as a Yoga teacher.

The course will be hosted in Northern Greece. The retreat provides organic wholesome meals and beverages and silent periods (Mauna) from four to six days that allow a harmonious and gradual detox for the body and mind. 

This retreat is designed to empower you to be able to offer in depth workshops and retreats to others. To support your teaching and enhance your personal classes you will be taught creative and profound themed Tantra Yoga classes, and have the opportunity to hold asanas for long periods of time to really go deep into this Yogic science.

You will also be taught how to hold sacred dance journeys with varied themes, Bhajans and devotional singing and fire ceremony, so that you can offer more variety as a retreat facilitator and teacher. We will also support you on a personal level to be able to access your inner strength and confidence by methods of Self Inquiry and honest and transformative feed back.

  • Traditional Tantra Sadhana that works with purifying and enhancing your own energy system

  • Empowering you to be able to spread Yoga & Tantra teachings with more authenticity

  • An amazing location on holy Mount Olympus that will match the depth of your yoga experience

  • Feel the support of a caring and safe space to help you go beyond your limitations

  • Guidance and deepening of your present practices and states of meditation

  • A retreat style teacher training that enhances inner growth

  • Swara Yoga teaching and application
  • Traditional Tantra Sadhana
  • Advanced Pranayama
  • Themed Tantra Yoga classes
  • Yoga Nidra teachings
  • Dance session teachings
  • Vijnana Bhairava teachings
  • Learn cosmic astrology in Tantra
  • Yagna training
  • Nature walks and beach visits
5.30 am – Yoga – Pranayama – Meditation
8.30 am – Breakfast
10.30 am – Philosophy – Teachings
1.00 pm – Lunch
3.30 pm – Various transmission and practices
6.00 pm – Meditation
7.00 pm – Dinner

The training includes daily sadhana of advanced practices in Yoga, Kriyas, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas and meditation. You will be introduced to the principles of Sharabh Tantra Yoga, a traditional Indian Yoga system. We will also go deeper into the teachings of Hridaya as a heart centred meditation tool and also learning to embody the trust to live with an open heart.

During the two weeks you will participate in traditional tantric sadhana, which involves the use of Mantra, the formation of a living Yantra, Fire Yagnas, and inscribing specific Yantras on the body with a potent combination of rare herbs and unique substances, known only in the traditions of Tantra, this gives a deep purification for the nadi and chakra system.

Our Teachers


The widespread community connected to Satya Loka is inspired by the discovery of truth through the teachings of Traditional Tantra, Yoga, meditation and self inquiry. We offer retreats teacher trainings, free international supported Sadhana and ongoing support in a personal heart centred and transparent way. 

Radasi (Ra Lalita Dasi) is the school’s founder and personally facilitates each training with a commitment to truth. She has consistently accrued over 2200 hours in training, including ten years studying to become a teacher trainer in Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. Radasi breaths, studies, teaches and loves her deepest passion, and that is to live a life immersed in Yoga, Traditional Tantra, meditation, dance, devotion and ritual.


From the early age of seventeen Yorgos began meditating, pursuing spiritual efforts and deepening his studies in Orthodox mysticism and gnostic Christianity. On the path of awareness he has always been interested in direct experiencing and understanding the inner life than perusing through intellect and reading. 

He was initiated into to the Kriya Yoga lineage and practices, which complimented and deepened his previous experiences. Now Yorgos is connected to the traditional right  hand Tantra path through Guruji Maharaj. It was at Guruji’s ashram that Yorgos met his wife Radasi.

Yorgos and Radasi, both dedicated in practise and spiritual life together are presently creating an Ashram in Northern Greece, as a meditation centre, a place of sanctuary and personal development in the science of consciousness and energy.

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