Reiki is a system of subtle energy healing that uses the limitless source of energy from the universe. This energy is available for us to use at all times. Reiki is available to all people and is transmitted by a unique system of attunements.

Reiki is a natural healing method that mostly uses the practitioner’s hands to gently transmit this pure energy of love and can be offered in the form of a relaxing, therapeutic treatment session. It uses universal energy so that the giver is never drained in fact giving a session energises and balances both persons. A Reiki treatment leaves people feeling relaxed and at peace with the world and gives a general sense of well being. Reiki harmonises and de-stresses the physical, emotional and mental body therefore bringing a greater harmony and opening to spiritual revelations and experiences. It can be used on humans, animals, plants and even situations. Reiki is available to all people regardless of age, gender, culture or religion.

A Reiki initiation attunes you to the Universal Energy or Divine source and enables you to channel this energy through your own body. This attunnment is a deeply spiritual experience.

Learning Reiki will enable you to channel this energy for yourself and others  to bring balance to the chakra system (energy centers in the body), it also gently releases energy blockages and helps us to connect with our highest truth.

A Reiki teacher [largely known as a Reiki Master] has received the necessary training to teach others, and has aquired  the knowledge to transmit the teachings.  It is also helpful that a teacher encourages others to realise their own innate potential to heal themselves through connecting to their own channel.

For over eight years Radasi has offered Reiki on donation basis offering treatment sessions, empowerment sessions for practitioners and attunements [also known as initiations] for all three levels of Reiki. Her Counseling skills and Holistic Yogic knowledge help support individuals when processing growth and purification which can be stimulated by the treatments and attunements.

She received her level one in New Zealand in 2003, then Reiki two in England in 2004. Eventually receiving her Teacher level three in Thailand in 2006, [ also known as the master level]. Her level three was transmitted thoroughly and with great care on a daily basis for over a period of three weeks. Her linage is directly linked through nine other masters to Mikao Usui the original founder of Reiki..