Silent retreats

Hridaya & Bhakti Yoga

This retreat can be joined for the full week or either the first or last three days. If you join only for the last three days it is necessary to have prior meditation experience.

Welcome to a week of heart centered silence and meditation in the beauty of the Alps. This silent retreat is designed for beginners and advanced practitioners. The program offers consistent meditation  sessions and additional practices to help prepare our minds and bodies for deeper meditation. The techniques are from Hridaya Yoga and are inspired by the teachings of Ramana Maharishi, Kashmir Shivaism, Buddhism and Sufism. This heart centered way of approaching meditation has been a breakthrough for many participants who previously had found difficulties to connect with their inner stillness and peace. Hridaya is the practice of centering in the Spiritual heart, the Spiritual Heart is a gateway to the ineffable aspect of our being, our inner ocean of pure stillness and peace.

“In the past I found meditation to be quite an uncomfortable experience. Now I am amazed that I am actually able to access a place of stillness within, and that I can now take comfort and look forward to sitting in meditation.”

Claudia Maney – Satya Loka Austria TTC 2015

The first three days of the retreat offer meditations and complimentary practices to help the busy mind and body to adjust into the retreat.

For the first there days as well as Yoga we use a music and movement session to help free the body and energy from restrictions that can cause distraction during meditation. Devotional singing and fire ceremony offer a further tool to help awaken and centre in the heart. Singing will be the only time we use our voices, and this is optional. Participants are welcome to continue their meditation practice during the complimentary sessions such as Yoga, pranayama, bhajans and sacred movement.

Each day inspiring philosophy and techniques from Hridaya will be shared to help guide us on the path of the heart, various techniques are explored so you can find what works for your own personal practice.

The retreat facilitator has a wealth of experience in Meditation, Yoga and Sacred Dance and offers accredited Yoga teacher trainings worldwide. She is a Hridaya Yoga teacher who studied and meditated closely with Sahajananda {the founder of Hridaya Yoga} for over 6 years.

The environment at the AlpenRetreat Yoga resort provides us with the perfect conditions to retreat into our heart. The nature that surrounds the center is wondrous and we ensure you have enough spare time to enjoy walking in the nearby mountains. The house is managed by experienced practitioners of Yoga and meditation and they provide a supportive and nourishing environment that leaves visitors feeling like they are family.

“Staying at The Alpen Retreat is like being welcomed into a happy home. I loved coming down from deep meditations to hear someone singing their heart out and then to eat delicious food prepared with love and care. Watching the mountains change every hour and wandering into them from the house was a privilege. Thanks so much to the team for such an amazing place & time and for making us feel part of the community.”

Liz Turner – Satya Loka Austria TTC 2015



Sunday: Arrival 4pm & Welcome meeting 6pm

Monday to Wednesday:

6.30am – Pranayama & Meditation

7.30am – Yoga Asana & Meditation

9.30am – Breakfast

11.00am – Hridaya Philosophy {introducing Hridaya techniques}

12.00pm – Meditation

1.00pm – Lunch

4.00pm – Sacred movement or devotional singing (Bhajans)

5.00pm – Meditation

5.30pm – Tea break

6.00pm – Meditation

7.30pm – Dinner


Thursday to Saturday:

6.30am – Meditation

7.30am – Yoga Asana/pranayama & Meditation

9.30am  – Breakfast

11.00am – Hridaya & Philosophy

12.00pm – Meditation

1.00pm – Lunch

4.00pm – Meditation

5.30pm – Devotional singing or Fire ceremony

6.30pm – Meditation

7.30pm – Dinner

Participants are welcome to meditate in the evenings in the Yoga hall.