Satyaheart’s inspiration comes from many great masters, teachers and Divine Beings. Their common influence has been to teach the realisation that all life, in all of its diverse forms, is indivisibly one. Their teachings and presence have guided countless people on a path of unconditional love, self realisation and selfless service.

The Divine beings and teachers pictured on the inspiration home page are recognised by the names Lord Shiva, Mother Tara, Maha Avatara Babaji, Mother Earth, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Mata Amritanandamayi [Amma],  Ramana Maharishi and  Ananda Mayi Ma.


Satya Heart offers many Yogic and Therapeutic teachings and acknowledges the Blessed Souls who transmitted the foundation of this work. There are many teachers and Avatars who may not be mentioned here, so there is an overall thanks giving to all those beings who are working for the light and for the presence of Shambala. With a loving acknowledgment to friends and family, we also give profound gratitude to the following teachers most of whom we have studied with personally.

Prem Baba, Guru Ji Raj Kumar, Sahajananda, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, Swami Shankarananda, Mihaiela Pentiuc, Antoaneta Gotea, , Dhamma Das, Monika Nataraj, Richard Freedman, Paul Dallaghan, Tiwariji, Shiva Rea, Gangaji, Ram Ji Das, Uma Shankar, Ajahn Tong,  S.N Goenka, Yuan Tze, Athicha Prathumthai ,Carl Rogers and Eckhart Tolle.