Psychology and Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga is the Yoga of self knowledge, seeking to reveal the wisdom of our true Self, that is beyond mind. In fact in Jnan Yoga we can actually use the mind as a tool to inquire into our true nature. 

The method in essence is self inquiry, and it is known to be one of the most difficult paths as it requires strength and discernment to peel back the layers of our self deceit that cover up the essence of who we are. 

In some methods such as Hridaya it is possible to bypass the mind by resting in pure presence in the heart, although this is not so simple because of the myriad of thoughts that enter our awareness. 


Psychology in Yoga 

This brings us the relevance of how we can understand what is happening in meditation and daily life from a psycho spiritual perspective. When the mind is restless and we have to deal with over thinking and agitation what is understood is that the mind is not able to process freely daily life, either from past events or present. Quite often feelings have not been integrated in life, and as a result remain trapped in our inner world, this goes on to create disturbances that manifest mentally and even in the physical body as illness. 

In Yoga and meditation it is normal for the mind to jump around from one though to another, yet if you find that you really do not find any moments of inner peace, or you are re thinking similar thoughts, it may be worth to dive a lottle deeper into your self inquiry through the route of the psycho spiritual inquiry.


Psycho Spiritual Self Inquiry

When we combine our spiritual development from the perspective of psychology we can start to take an honest look at what holds us back from progressing on the path of awakening. All traditions no matter what their technqiues recognise the limitations fo the ego on the spiritual path. Often we find oursleves wishing to go beyond the ego, when infact we can ask oursleves what exactly is the ego? 


Person Centred Approach  


Mental Health and Well being