Michelle Levi

she began teaching; firstly covering classes in health centres around London and then soon taking on classes of her own.
Her love of children and her belief in the benefits of yoga led her to train in Yogabugs to bring yoga to children also and so she began classes in schools.
After some time of leading a successful career as a yoga teacher in London, Michelle was drawn to an in-depth Yoga Teacher Training Course that would provide 9 months of full-time dedicated study and a formal qualification. The training allowed Michelle to delve deeper into the study of yogic philosophies, various styles of asana such as Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa and other related subjects. The TTC was with YogaArts, Byron Bay, Australia and Michelle is so grateful for the opportunity to immerse herself so fully in the world of yoga for 9 months solid whilst being supported by the intense vibrancy of Mother Nature in Australia.
Upon returning to London Michelle continued teaching yoga working for the Yoga agency, Breathe, teaching private clients as well as groups. Since 2006 the need to live in the countryside has been of high priority and Michelle has been living near Totnes, Devon.
Michelle’s own practice and teaching style is continually evolving; in recent years she has been influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli through working with Diane Long and Paddy McGrath.
Michelle has undertaken some personal silent retreats, 3-month and 1-month in length which have been key in her spiritual development. These retreats have been at Gaia House sitting primarily with Rob Burbea and studying the Buddha’s teachings on Emptiness, Michelle offers immense gratitude to Rob: his generous heart and brilliant mind have inspired her in a way words cannot describe.
Another teacher Michelle wishes to thank is Sahajananda and his teachings of the Hridaya, the Spiritual Heart drawing from the paths of Advaita Vedanta and Tantra. Always central to Michelle’s practice and teaching is the connection to the Spiritual Heart and the importance of kindness.
Music, singing, dance, and devotion are passions key in Michelle’s life and she has been involved in sacred rituals of both India and the Amazon for many years playing piano accordion and harmonium.
Michelle first met Radasi in a ritual ceremony in 2009 and immediately recognised her as a kindred spirit – a fellow yogini immersed in the world of bhakti. She is so happy to be collaborating now on these TTCs and sharing their gifts together and helping to spread the wondrous medicine of Yoga.