Sacred Dance

Dance is the language of the soul … a moving method of self-expression and self-discovery, revealing our own innate mystery and union with the Universe. While today dance is often appreciated for its fitness, entertainment and cultural value, dance has historically been a mystical art and an authentic path to spiritual realization. Mystical Dance strives to open a window for the modern seeker to embrace dance as one of the many beautiful tools for re-kindling our inner radiance and dancing the Divine into existence … moving beyond merely ‘being the dancer’ to knowing that we are also the dance.

Mystical Dance begins where regular technical dance instruction ends. It is about dancing from the inside out. By understanding the energetics of dance based on the ancient chakra system of India and tapping into the tradition of Sacred circles and Ritual, we experience the profound power of dance. Stretching beyond the illusion of the apparent beautiful outer form, we recognize the consciousness and Truth that moves us All.

Mystical Dance empowers women to honour their unique beauty, expression and sacred presence on this planet. Our Womens circles, also known as Shakti groups use Mystical Dance as a tool for Women’s expression of their Divine Feminine. Various styles of dance are taught and interwove into the groups including Sufi whirling, Sacred Trance Dance of Morocco, Belly Dance, Tribal Dance, Chakra Dance Five Rhythms, Celtic Dancing, Chakra Dancing, Elemental Dancing, Free Dance and more…

The classes and workshops also integrate profound group meditation techniques and exercises that help to integrate the experience on all levels.

Radasi has incorporated dance into her social and spiritual expression all her life. She has embraced dance as a specific aspect of her own Tantric yoga practices and has offered many solo and group offerings and performances.  After training with her dance teacher Monika Nataraj over a period of 8 years, she completed the Mystical Dance Teacher Training course in February 2011 and was also the Assistant to Monika for the 2012 Mystical Dance Teacher Training.