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There are auspicious periods in the Hindu and western calendar that create opportunities to go deeper into meditation especially Mantra meditation related to Tantra.

By using a corresponding Mantra (sound vibration in the form a a word) with the particular energies of the auspicious period it is possible to amplify that energy within ourselves.

Let’s give an example: at Christmas time the energy of the Christ consciousness is very strong, now to use a Mantra that awakens that energy within you will make it more easy to perceive and access that vibration within, the essence of unconditional love.

It is the same in Navaratri, when the energy of the Goddess is most strong, if you use one of her Mantras in this period it will simply be more potent and helpful. 

The Mantras we give are open Mantras received from Guruji Maharaj. After receiving instruction from their Guru, Radasi and Yorgos then offer free supported Sadhana for those who would like to participate from wherever they are in the world.

A group is then formed and connected to direct support on WhatsApp, with Q&As and updates to ensure you feel supported, guided and connected to the process.

  • New year Sadhana – a general Mantra for well being

  • Maha Shiva Ratri – Sadhana with Shiva

  • Chaitra Navratri (in spring) – Mantra Sadhana related to the Goddess

  • Ashwin Navratri (in autumn) – Mantra Sadhana related to the Goddess 

  • Diwali – Mantra Sadhana related to Laxshmi

  • Christmas – meditation related to the Christ consciousness


We also support individuals in everyday Mantra Sadhana and on all of our courses, retreats and trainings here at Satya Loka.

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