Tantra Yoga Education Training Retreat


As a school of Traditional Tantra it is our wish to bring more and more awareness of authentic Tantric teachings into the field of Yoga.

This training retreat is designed to equip you with the foundation to practice Yoga with the knowledge  and experience of Tantric philosophy.. For those who are already teachers this module will give you the necessary skills and information to be able to teach Tantra Yoga with more depth and clarity. 

Whilst this is a methodology training it is also a retreat. Therefore our schedule is designed to take you on your own inner journey of depth into Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. Applying what we learn through personal practice is essential for any serious practitioner, for it is not what we know it is what we do with what we know that is important, our overall philosophy at Satya Loka is to embody the teachings. 

The teachings on this particular retreat are the foundational teachings of the Satya Loka 200hr teacher training, so unless our graduates would like to re fresh their knowledge and enjoy the retreat, this opportunity is offered more for those who have not yet studied this module with Radasi. By participating in this retreat you receive certification of 100 hours continued education as recognised by Yoga Alliance.

Radasi along with Yorgos Mazarakis are the facilitators of this retreat. Radasi is the founder of Satya Loka school and  is a highly experienced teacher who is dedicated to holding space for others to explore the system of Tantra, Yoga & Meditation. She teaches the practices as a vehicle to allow us to find our own centre of inner connectedness, in the physical body, in our subtle energetic system, on the mental level and on the deeper spiritual level of our being. She has trained with various teachers and masters in the field of Tantra Yoga, and through her own practice she has developed an inspiring ability to bring together the variety of approaches found in Tantra Yoga and expresses and teaches a philosophy that filters the new age tantric beliefs, to leave a system that is portent, clear, practical, and easy to integrate. 


“The Tantra methodology teachings with Radasi are highly inspiring, she is sharing the ancient knowledge with such depth, and in a very colourful way, she teaches with full of devotion that inspires you. There is no choice than to listen and receive with an open mouth & heart. – Fedielia Leichter, Austria 2017


The week retreat will be highly rejuvenating with time to relax and explore the beach in between sessions, the schedule also shares some creative and expressive encounters, which include group devotional singing, sacred dance journeys and a few creative surprises.

Our venue is the Litohoro Olympus resort. A luxury, boutique style of accommodation located on the flat lands of Holy Mount Olympus. With majestic views of the mountain and direct access to a pristine beach It is a perfect location for anyone looking to relax, retreat, and be exquisitely taken care off in a very special place here in Greece..


Daily schedule

6.30am – Yoga Sadhana

10.00am – Breakfast/Brunch

11.30am – Tantra Philosophy 

1.30pm –  Afternoon relax period with light lunch

3.30pm – Tantra teaching methodologies 

5.30pm – Tea break and relax

6.30pm –  Sacred expression

7.30pm – Dinner