Traditional Tantra

Tantra is a spiritual path that embraces all of life in order to awaken to our true nature. Within Tantra various techniques including the use of mantra, yantra, ritual and meditation are used to purify and energise our being and thus move us in the direction of spiritual awakening. Tantra cultivates a devotional approach to life, emphasizing the worship of the Goddess, Shakti and her consort Shiva. As we go deeper into the practice we ultimately experience the divine union of these masculine and feminine attributes

Tantra can be defined as an energetic approach and presents a Yogic science for arousing Kundalini which is the potent divine energy that is within each of us but for most lays dormant. Once this energy is aroused the awakening of consciousness occurs.  Kundalini is a form of the Goddess and is acknowledged and respected as her power.

Satya Loka teaches aspects from both the left and right hand path of tantra; we use practices which follow respectable disciplines.

These practices include fire yagna, creating living yantras and using various mantras in meditation. We hold devotional fire ceremonies to empower the use of mantra. We find a perfect balance betweeen the science of Tantra and the devotional approach of Bhakti Yoga.

Many of these traditional Tantric teachings have been passed down from Guruji Maharaj whose is one of few Tantric masters to have successfully preserved and transmitted these authentic and ancient practices of India.