Sanskars & Shodhans

What makes the path of traditional tantra so effective?

The process of Sanskar and herbal medicines combined with the use of Mantra.

Just as in Ayurveda and other ancient systems of medicine the process of healing is accelerated through the use of herbs and treatments, the same applies in Tantra. Yet the process is generally focused on the subtle energetic system on the deeper levels. This is a traditional science of Tantra, and needs the guidance of a competent Guru.

Individual or complex mixtures of herbs and materials from the nature are selected for individual or specific sadhanas. Some of these herbs can be difficult to come by because they are rare and therefore they often come at an expense The combinations of the mixtures can also be complex for example some particular pastes use the sap from over 200 different trees.

These treatments are then usually applied to the body in various ways for example inscribing Yantras into the body, or mixing the herbs with water or milk and curd and then applied to specific regions of the body where the subtle energetic structure is blocked. Sometimes herbs are also given for internal use. and In most cases the treatments are combined with the repetition of specific mantras. 

The use of pastes and herbal treatments is a significant key in Tantra because they give a huge energetic amplification that would not normally be possible.