Tantric Vinyasa


Tantric Vinyasa has been intuitively created by the teachers at Satya Loka. Beautifully blending traditional and contemporary styles of yoga to create a practice that is both physically and spiritually potent.

It was born through a natural evolution of self practice and awareness;  awareness that both includes and transcends the physical. With the experience and understanding that we exist as far more than just the physical body (theory of panchakosha – the five bodies of man) we can then deeply and consciously create yoga (union) with our subtle bodies (energetic, emotional, mental and causal). This concept of working with and unifying  all of our ‘bodies’ lends itself to an effective, holistic and healing practice.


The practice of Tantric Vinyasa marries dynamic vinyasa style with traditional Hatha yoga.  The session ususally begins with dynamic chakra-inspired standing sequences, linking breath and movement.  Later in the session asana are held for longer and the approach is more meditative, chakra-focused and  internalised.


Tantric Vinyasa is essentially a combination of Yang (active) and Yin (receptive) styles, creating a powerful yoga practice that honours the balance and importance of the physical, spiritual and everything that exists in between.


The knowledge and experience of the chakra system is paramount in the teaching of Tantric Vinyasa, the transmission of this understanding allows the student to engage fully in the essence of Tantra in yog asana: awakening ourselves to our fullest potential.


When we work with breath and movement we deepen our connection to our physical body, when we work with stabilising and focusing the movements of the mind we deepen our connection to our higher self and beyond. This is the goal of Yoga and this is the practice of Tantric Vinyasa.