“I got so much more than what I came for. So much depth and guidance can only come from teachers with so much experience in their own spiritual path. Radasi is not just a yoga teacher but a spiritual teacher that carries a lot of wisdom. This TTC was not only about learning about yoga and tantra, but an intense spiritual journey for my soul, and maybe that’s what it is all about. Learning about yourself, practicing what you teach.”

Hanneke Laaning

Netherlands, Yogini Tantrika TTC 2016

“No video could have shown and explained how magnificently Ra Lalita was holding the space for our group, how she is guiding us individually through our emotional and spiritual journey and how authentically and naturally she is sharing the gifts of the tantric yoga practice. Not only was I taught how to safely and properly guide students throughout an asana yoga class, we also learned the mantras, developed a great understanding for the yoga philosophy and the traditional tantric teachings were superbly facilitated. She also gave great importance to share with us tools of introspection and self inquiry – a most valid foundation for a serious yoga teacher aspirant.

The course is conducted in a beautiful holistic way which allows you to explore and experience your deeper Self and to be also perfectly prepared to teach your own yoga classes. To participate the course was not just an investment for my career, it was an investment for my well being.

I will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be taught and challenged and guided by Ra Lalita, a compassionate Yogini who teaches from the heart, with sincerity and respect, who has a deep respect for the system of yoga, the tantric heritage and for the participants of the course.”

Felicia Hayden

Austria, Austrian Alps TTC 2017

“When I met Radasi I understood what was the path of Shakti, of love, of passion, of devotion. She is teaching me how to be truly in my feminine power and at the same time realize that the real Self is beyond gender limits. How to welcome and experience all the arising emotions and be still. How to build my life the way I want to see it and totally surrender to God. How to walk the Path remaining a Woman. Just being around her is a great opportunity to learn, let along teacher trainings where she gives 100% of herself and inspires so powerfully that lives of those who are ready to take it can change dramatically.”

Kat Sukh

Russia, Yogini Devi TTC 2014, Yogini Tantrica TTC 2016

“The sacred wisdom learned here is beyond any book knowledge. You get the full experience the tools, support and space to be. The teachings learend here are those looking for a full experience of transformation. This month will never be forgotten. A one of a kind epxierence. I recommend all of Radasi’s courses and have trust that she is a channel providing all that one would need.”

Ariana Karim

Oregon, USA, Yogini Tantrika TTC 2018

“I have been practising yoga for 23 years and teaching for more than 10 years and it was high time for me to deepen my practice following the teachings of traditional Tantra Yoga. So I took the chance!

Ra Lalita Dasi and Yorgos Mazarakis, have been really generous in transmitting to us the profound ancient Tantra teachings. Through them I felt the energy of a vast ancestral knowledge and wisdom unfolding. I was also trained to be disciplined during challenging periods of silence performing pratyahara.The retreat coincided with the July full moon and moon eclipse, which together with the breathtaking ambience of Holy mountain Olympus, enhanced and fortified the sacred purifying ceremony, transforming it into a powerful psychic experience.”

Sophia Troulinou

Greece, 100hr Advanced TTC on Mt. Olympus

“The TTC with Satya Loka was an amazing experience! A beautiful journey into Yoga, Traditional Tantra, self inquiry and self discovery. The practices are varied, often intense and always transformative. We are not just taught how to teach, but in these 30 days we also go through our own cleansing and purification processes which brings us to a much deeper understanding of the devotional side of yoga, our own spirituality and the importance of love and connection.

I loved every aspect of this course!

From creating a sacred Yantra, to Fire Ceremonies, Sacred Dance, Mantra, Pranayama and more. Ra Lalita has her own wonderful, unique way of teaching, she teaches with a lot of wisdom, grace and great sense of humour! And she cares deeply for everyone who takes this journey with her. The guest teachers were also amazing and each one brought something very special to the course. If you are looking for authentic teachings and a truly amazing TTC experience where you will gain knowledge and confidence to go out and teach immediately. Sign up with Satya Loka!”

Debbie Caruso

UK, Austrian Alps TTC 2017

“I was honored and blessed to participate in Satya Loka YTT, Rishikesh, 2016. It was truly a deep immersion into Tantra Yoga sadhana, transformation, and global sisterhood sangha. Radasi gifted us with all she carries as an advanced Yogini Tantrika. Her transmission, along with Ganga Ma, Sophia, Guruji, Dipti, Goddess sisters, and the monks and nuns of Osho Gangadhan will be with me forever. As a 64 year old yoga teacher and practitioner of 35 years, it wasn’t until this training that I felt to invest myself. I am so grateful that I did!”

Liz Faller

USA, Yogini Tantrika TTC 2016

“A powerful, unique, and authentic Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga TTC of very high quality.
If you want a well rounded TTC with a strong spiritual focus, then this is as good as it gets.”

Kirsten Pedderson

Denmark, Austrian Alps TTC 2017

“My experience at Satya Loka school brought depth to the learning and more importantly understanding of yoga as a whole. I recently partook in the Female Tantric TTC, set in the beautiful surroundings of Northern India at the foothills of the Himalayas, and the experience is one I will talk about forever. The knowledge was delivered in a way that it didn’t feel like a foreign language, but more an integral part in the process of becoming a happier and spiritually healthier woman. I shared ups and downs with incredible women, as we streamed through a plethora of new information about yoga and ourselves.

No price can be put on the end result; a phenomenal shift in my perception. Through participating in this self discovery course with Radasi, I have learnt more about myself than ever before, found a new found love for the internal and external worlds, and as a consequence of this I feel radically more confident in my own skin. After completing a teacher training two years ago and not having the confidence to teach, I am now happy to say I am teaching regularly! Eternally grateful.”

Nicola A Jay

UK, Yogini Tantrika TTC 2017

“Such a lovely meeting point on my spiritual path. It’s as if everything I’d been seeking was waiting for me here. Like i stepped on the fast track of my own evolution. I’ll always reflect back and note this course as one of, if not the, most pivotal point in my life. I’m so grateful for the depth of the teachigns shared- for the love and care adn the beautifully held space. This has been such a worthwhile month that has gifted me with countless blessings. I feel ready to share theses gifts with loved ones. So much gratitiude!”

Morganne Williamson

Canada, Yogini Tantrika TTC 2018

“Satya Loka provides a journey. Not just a journey of yoga but a journey of the self. You leave the course feeling light, love and happiness. It has been the best decision I’ve made, to attend this course. I grew into a yoga teacher and also grew into a  new version of myself. I will forever remember this course and the knowledge I’ve gained here. So many thanks and so much love!”

Emily Maupin

Texas, USA, Austrian Alps TTC 2017

“Satya Loka School of Traditional Yoga & Tantra combines the ancient wisdom of India as it is given by the great masters alongside a modern approach to yoga and how we can integrate yoga and spirituality in our daily life. The YTTC is not only a training that allows you to become a yoga teacher, but is also a transformational journey of self-inquiry that enables you to go deeper into yourself and connect with your essence.

Throughout this intense and fruitful experience, the loving kindness, sensitivity and constant support of Ra Lalita Dasi and her equanimity and ability to see deeper in you, creates a safe and trusting environment where one is able to open his/her heart and immerse in love. I am very grateful for this wonderful journey. My decision to attend this specific YTTC with Satya Loka has been proved to be the best choice. Right now I am receiving the fruits of this decision. “

Christina Georgiou

Cyprus, Austrian Alps TTC 2017

“The Satya Loka TTC exceeded all of my expectations. The instructors are top notch and have an impressive level of personal power that you can’t help but want to embody. The diverse offerings are like no other that you might find in a typical TTC whilst the Tantra teaching and practice is authentic and expansive.

I highly recommend Radasi and the Satya Loka program – it’s been one of the most impactful experiences of my life to take my spiritual practice to the next level!”

Lyndsey Newkirk

Oregon, USA, Yogini Tantrika TTC 2018

“At Satya Loka you find Bhava. This means, devotion, beauty, and love.
This training is a powerful yogic transmission given with authentic support.”

Apolonia Molina

USA, Rishikesh TTC 2016

“Do you want a deep journey into your true being? Are you ready to transform yourself? Are you interested to go really deep into traditional tantra with all its facets? If you answered yes to all these questions with yes, surely it is the right TTC  for you.

Lovely authentic teachers – all of them! A big space which is held for all the transformational processes. I can really recommend this TTC deeply. It touched my heart. Thank you!”


Alexandra Uhl

Germany, Austrian Alps TTC 2018

“What can I say? This month has been a month for moving more deeply into my yoga/meditation and pranayama practise. Through these practises I am gaining strength and confidence to move into alignment with my life’s purpose… To overcome fear and doubt and begin to trust my capacity to move forward gracefully. Radasi and the team have held the space and transmitted the teachings with passion, patience and love. A million thanks.”

Rachel Quaday

Spain, Austrian Alps TTC 2018

“I love how Radasi put the whole course together. Doing 200 hours in a four week course was intense, but she and the team found a way of creating the days with so many different inputs, that you have lovely change between theory, practise, being creative, being in nature with giving and holding the space for any support you need. They are all super warm hearted and Radasi teaches with so much passion from her life experiences. I took so much out of this course and I felt very much supported in my own spiritual developments. Thank you!”

Sina Binkert

Switzerland, Austrian Alps TTC 2018

“Radasi’s radiance and light permeate all who she guides. Hers is a light of the most beautiful and genuine kind.  There is deep wisdom, guidance, support and love palpable in all of Radasi’s teachings and offerings. Her knowledge is firmly rooted in theory and deeply known through experience. Her guidance is soft in its delivery and strong in its message. Deeply intuitive, spontaneous, and present in her classes and meditations, Radasi’s love and efforts have left an indelible mark on myself and my family. I am deeply grateful for her teachings and magnificent love.”

Blaire Houghton

Canada, Mystical Dance TTC 2012