The Satya Loka Team

Juliane Visnadi

Project Coordinator

Whilst working as a volunteer in a Yoga and Meditation retreat center Juliane attended her first ever Yoga class with Satya Loka’s main teacher Radasi. Realising that she stumbled across something profound she began to open up towards a more defined spiritual path. She went on to attend a Vipassana silent retreat and a Sufi dance course at the AlpenRetreat resort, and felt a strong desire to go deeper into this new life.

With a background in communication studies Juliane was able to focus her skills to support Satya Loka’s online communications. More opportunities opened and Juliane was invited to attend and assist on Satya Loka’s women’s Yoga teacher training course in India 2016 and 2018.

The intense and marvellous experience broadened her horizons and after her first 200hr teacher training she volunteered at a tibetan nunnery in the Himalayas. Juliane then continued to travel to Thailand where she helped to prepare the Thailand training and took direct training from Radasi to step into the shoes of Satya Loka’s Projekt Coordinator. Juliane is currently back in Germany where she continues her communication studies whilst working for the Satya Loka School and teaching Yoga for adolescents.

Where possible she attends the Satya Loka courses to deepen her practices and offer direct student and teacher support.

Lara Mira Tödter

Holistic Project Support

After completing high school Lara knew that she was searching for more life experience than she could find in a universitiy. Intuition lead her to an eco-village in the north of Germany. Since then she has been Inspired by alternative living and has been dedicated to humanitarian and healing work. Lara has participated and later lead a community and interpersonal project for young adults. She has also attended a variety of workshops for inner healing and spiritual growth.

Lara’s own search for a deeper self connection has been fulfilled through practicing yoga and also dancing contact improvisation. For the last five years Lara worked specifically to assist children and young adults that have difficult life situations and sometimes mental health variances. All these experiences led to a moment where she felt to integrate yoga in her daily life and started to teach asana classes to others. In 2016 she attended the teacher training at Satya Loka in Rishikesh, 2017 in Austria and 2018 again in Rishikesh.

She now continues her community work and supports the teaching training courses at Satya Loka through her amazing cooking skills, grounding sincere presence, teaching abilities and as a general support for students and teachers.

Lara is also an artist and uses this medium in a meditative way and to produce images for Satya Loka.

Julia Hecht

Photography & Assistance

Julia studied psychology, philosophy, works as a professional photography-artist and teaches yoga and meditation in Europe and India. Her main teaching style is Dharmakaya Yoga, which is a Vinyasa flow brand, focusing on the combination of slow, but physical challenging Asana practice & transformative work. In the further development of her individual teaching, she studied and practiced Yogatherapy, Ayurveda-therapy, YinYoga, Tantra Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism and meditation with different teachers from the east and the west. Her main interest is to help her students to find out their purpose in life and hold space for their individual transformation.

Julias’s photography is part of her Dharma. She wants to show reality and people as they really are and this means in their genuine beauty. 


Tryphena Neale

Content Support

Tryphena practiced yoga in her adolescence but it wasn’t until her time at Hridaya Yoga Mexico that she full recognised the true depth of her spiritual aspiration . After studying traditional Tantric Hatha under Swami Sahajanadnas teachings and experiencing her first 10 day silent retreat, Tryphena has continued to follow the voice of her heart.

in 2016 Tryphena studied at Agama yoga Thailand. Then she travelled to India to join the Satya Loka all women’s Rishikesh TTC. Since experiencing such sisterhood, she knew part of her dharma was to help celebrate and heal the feminine spirit. Being truly inspired by Radasi’s transformational work it was suggested for her to assist on further trainings using her background in hospitality and lighthearted perceptivity to support the work of the team. Having travelled for the three years, dedicating her time to self inquiry and restorative worth, both of the self and of the earth, Tryphena has immersed herself in different cultures and practices. She is totally fascinated by people from all the different walk of life and all the wisdom they hold. Through their reflections she uncovers more fully who she is, and with the knowledge hopes to help others heal themselves.

Following this desire, Tryphena currently teaches yoga to women with M.S in England and offering classes to young girls. Tryphena feeds her yearning for spiritual truth through her self study, various workshops, and meditation. She has had a fascinate with natural medicine and next year she will complete her therapeutic yoga training in Thailand so she may facility further global healing.