The sanskrit term Yoga means to unite. Through Yoga we recognise we are united in all aspects of our being and as as we start to bring balance to our physical body with Hatha Yoga, we automatically bring more harmony to other parts of our being including our emotional, mental and our spiritual well-being.

When we have a greater harmony inside we naturally experience more unification within and without, realising that we are all a part of one consciousness. We realise and feel intuitively that if we take care of our self we are talking care of the others and if we take care and consideration for others we are also helping ourself.

We live in a mostly self-centred egotistical society where many people are identified with the idea that they are their minds.  Yoga is  a way to peel away any illusions of what we are not, so that we access the underlying true self of consciousness and eternal presence.  The more we connect with this aspect of who we are the more we exist in daily life in a truly peaceful and happy state of being.

Satya Loka teaches Yoga in an approach that is rooted in compassion and loving kindness to ourselves and others.  We teach and hold classes in a gentle yet powerful way, combining elements from Tantra, Advaita Vedanta and Bhakti yoga.

We use asanas to open the physical structure along with the awareness of the chakras and our energetic body, this promotes a deep purification. This cleansing of the subtle channels then prepares us for deeper practices such as pranayama and meditation.

The style of practice is grounded in present moment awareness and an authentic sincerity for the revelation of our deep inner stillness. As we discover this in the practice we naturally integrate this more and more in our daily lives.