Das Mahavidyas Yogini retreat


Yogini Tantrika retreats at Satya Loka.

Yogini Tantrika is a heart centred way of being for women, as we weave together spiritual systems that honour life force & energy, which then opens us to recognise the conscious essence that unites all of Life, for us this is Tantra. Traditionally more men than women embarked on the path of Tantra, the same was in Yoga. Yet nowadays as balance emerges from the past extremities  of the matriarch.and later the patriarch rule, both men and women are able to come to spirituality more equally. In Satya Loka school most of our retreats and trainings are for men and women, although we do set aside certain retreats and trainings as sacred journeys for women. This retreat is especially for women.

Our Das Mahavidyas retreat is an exceptional sacred journey for any woman dedicated to the path of Yoga & Traditional Tantra. The Das Mahavidyas are also known as The Wisdom Goddesses or the Cosmic powers. Das means ten,  Maha means great and Vidya means knowledge or wisdom. They are known as great cosmic powers, because they are related to specific universal wisdoms, they are in effect divine powers of our consciousness. The Goddesses are  embraced in Traditional Tantra as a way of connecting with the pure energy of Shakti. 

Satya Loka has been offering specialised women’s yoga & tantra teacher training courses for over five years. Through this time Radasi, who facilitates this Das Mahavidya retreat and the Yogini Tantrika trainings has guided women through deep journeys of transformation and sacred empowerment. Through the grace of her lineage she is authorised to offer authentic immersions into the practices and knowledge of the Das MahaVidyas. . 

Here are just some of the aspects of the retreat for you to experience. 

  • Daily Yoga classes to embody each Maha Vidya
  • Daily in depth pranayama and gentle breath work
  • Teachings on Swara Yoga
  • Daily Japa meditation 
  • Philosophy and embodiment practices of the Maha Vidyas
  • Creating live Yantras
  • Fire Ceremonies both Tantric and Bhakti Fire Pujas
  • Sacred Texts – group studies of the Devi Gita
  • Sacred dance Journeys
  • Learning about the sacredness of menstruation
  • Sacred expression including painting and singing
  • Embracing nature
  • Sharing circles
  • Self Inquiry