Yogini Devi Ashtanga TTC

A 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training, registered with Yoga Alliance.
This training is a sacred journey for women that is designed to explore and reveal the Divine Feminine within.

11th May – 8th June, Neshima Yoga Retreat,Koh Phangan, Thailand

7th Sept – 4th Oct, Yoga Barn, Bali

5th Jan- 1st Feb Goa, India – completed

The Bali course is taught by Lorraine Taylor & Guest Teachers

Ashtanga TTC

When we discover the depth of beauty, power and love that lies within our feminine essence we can then journey through life and love in a more clear and harmonious way. Bringing a nurturing and profound energy to our roles as teachers, mothers, lovers and wisdom keepers. In honouring our femininity we honour the masculine and there true union is revealed, which is the ultimate meaning of Yoga.


Learn how to practice and teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with a gentle and graceful approach . This unique teacher training also shares Traditional Tantra practices, Hridaya Hatha Yoga & Meditation, Pranayama, Devi Fire Puja, Kirtan and Sacred Dance. Through these joyful practices we will naturally embody the wisdom of the teachings of Yoga from the essence of our femininity.

As the course unfolds you will study and embody the Great Wisdom Goddesses [The Maha Vidyas] from the Tantric tradition, and also experience the beauty of creating a living Yantra (sacred mandala) with then the option to use a mantra related to that specific Goddess, such as Kali or Tara, this varies from course to course.

The theory aspect of the course is offered in a way that allows for group interaction and process and the topics covered include the requirements from Yoga alliance and many beautiful presentations such as Sacred Sexuality, Children’s Yoga, Creating Scared Space and Women’s holistic health & balance. We also explore together ancient Hindu texts of the Goddess from the Devi Gita,

This is truly a unique course offered by Lorraine Taylor and Radasi. Their passion is to honour traditions and share the teachings they have been blessed to receive in a natural and feminine way.

Our Teachers

Yogini Devi invites special guest teachers to offer their unique wisdom in various subject. The Guest teachers vary from training to training. Check here to learn more about us and our wonderful teachers.”

Guest Teachers


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