India – Kaama Kethna

Inspired by the love of Mother Earth, Kaama Kethna ecological village emerges from the inner heart of a delightful forest valley. Rather than opposing and suppressing the nature it seeks to work together to create a unified whole, in an incessantly quest of becoming harmonious with the immense delicate surrounding landscape.
The Village provides a perfect location to observe monkeys, birds and butterflies and to discover the tropical nature. Kaama Kethna is located in the beautiful south of Goa, India in a green valley with a clear small creek on the bottom.

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We are delighted to offer you Yogini Devi Training at Kaama Kethna, and feel the connection with nature and the wholesome environment is perfect for the essence of this course, connecting us to the earth as we journey deep within our own feminine nature.

The accommodation is very beautiful and reflects the aspirations of the village, there are various types of rooms available with different options of single occupancy and sharing. This is reflected in the price of accommodation which you will be asked to pay on arrival, when you apply for the traning please specify what type of room you would prefer. – Accommodation

bed-300x159Kaama Kethna takes great joy in offering amazing wholesome food that is largely grown in their own gardens. They will provide a buffet three times a day for the training, this will be additional costs. We highly recommend you join the buffet as the training is very consuming so having your meals prepared is certainly helpful for you to get the most out of your course. – Restaurant

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