Travel to Thailand
Thailand is a spiritual, colourful, and peaceful land. Koh Phangan, in particular, is lush and beautiful, with tropical jungles and white-sand beaches surrounded by a sapphire-blue sea. An island in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan is a special island with rock crystal throughout the terrain this creates an energy that enhances practices like yoga and meditation, making it an ideal place for positive transformation and growth.

Travel Tips to Bangkok

Flights to Bangkok, Thailand
Many airlines fly to Bangkok, presenting travelers with many choices in getting there. We find that shopping around about three months in advance will usually produce the best option. From the United States we have flown on Korean Airlines, China Airlines, and Cathay Pacific (from Los Angeles or New York). These airlines had the best rates and good service, but its routes included stopovers in either Hong Kong, Seoul, or Taipei.

If you are in Europe, there are also many choices. Some airlines, like British Airways, fly direct, with daily service. For those based in Australia/New Zealand or Asia, flying over is no more than a hop, skip, and a jump. Best to check prices online before working with your travel agent for promotional

For those in the United States, check or You can expect to pay between USD $700 and USD $1000, depending on your location.

Visa requirements
Passport holders of the United States, Australia, and most European countries do not require a visa if staying less than 30 days. If you are planning on staying longer, you should get a tourist visa from the Thai embassy in your resident country, which will allow you to remain in the Kingdom for a longer period. You can also extend your visa while in Thailand. Visa extensions now cost THB B1,900 for 15 to 30 days on either a 30-day or 60-day visa. Overstaying your visa costs THB B500 per day, with a maximum fine of THB B20,000.

For visa information, please go to for the United States; for all other countries.

The information we provide on our website is subject to change and we advise at all time to check
with the Thai embassy of resident country and relevant websites.

You can check to see the latest exchange rate at Traveler’s checks are always a safe option, but you can usually get a better exchange rate through your bank by using ATM machines. There are many ATMs and currency exchange places on Koh Phangan .


Thailand is a clean, healthy place to visit. No immunization shots are required. With the latest SARs scare in Asia (2003) and Avian Bird Flu (2004, 2005), Thailand has been even more cautious about tourist safety. You can always check the World Health Organization (WHO) for updates.

Having said that, we recommend you take precautions to keep your immune system strong. Drink bottled water, wash your hands regularly, eat clean healthy foods, and take vitamin supplements if necessary.

Traveling around Thailand
There is an abundance of tourist websites about Thailand. Here are a few to help you get familiar with Thailand: