Starting 10th February, 2021

Become a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Online

Become fully accredited to turn your love of Yoga into a meaningful career.

Immerse in your Feminine Nature

Balance your studies with the expression of your creative essence through dance, ritual and devotion.

Deepen your knowledge and cultivate your skills

Evolve into an experienced Yoga practitioner, and perfect a diverse range of skills to guide others confidently. 

Study From Home and Onsite

Study from the comfort of your own home, whilst being an integral part of a fully supportive community of women and teachers.  

 Are you looking for an authentic Yogini life-changing experience?

This transformational teacher training immersion has been created specifically for women and this will be the 8th year the course has been successfully running. This sacred journey into Yoga supports you in reclaiming your feminine essence and power, through a deeply nourishing and profound Yoga practice, devotional singing, women’s sacred dance, divine ritual, communion with nature and herbs, and feminine creative expression.


Are you seeking profound harmony within your life?

This course offers you practices, inspiration and a way of being that cultivates gratitude, confidence, flow, joy, authenticity, in the recognition of the beauty of life and being a woman.


Are you intrigued to discover the Divine Shakti Energy that resides within you?

Discover the deeper potential of your Yoga practice and spiritual well being, with a group of inspiring and diverse women.  In our supportive, caring and safe container we hold space for transformation and the liberation of any old patterns that hold us back in life. This in itself liberates our life force, the Divine Shakti within, and initiates our life. 



 Dive deep into Asana, Pranayama, Heart centred Meditation and experience the Traditional Tantric practices of India

 Enriching and enlivening offerings that include devotional singing Kirtan/ Bhajans, womens sacred dance, sister circles and Divine rituals.

 Authentic Yogini Sadhana immersion, learn how Tantra and Yoga blend together, and how to dive deep into a profound practice.

 Over 50% live classes and on-going direct support from your lead trainers

 Flexible schedule to accommodate work and family commitments

 Ability to fully complete your 200hr Yoga Alliance Certification online (on successful completion of assignments)

 Three inspiring study manuals: Theory and Techniques, Asana Methodology, Anatomy and Physiology in Yoga

 Explore the theory behind the sacred science of Yoga; history, philosophy, inspiring Holy scriptures, energetic and physical anatomy

 Explore the practical aspects of safe teaching such alignment, posture and sequencing

 Step into the role of a Teacher by practicing with other peer students, and receive valuable feedback for improvement

 Receive personal guidance and mentoring and loving care from experienced Teachers

 Embark on a journey of self inquiry, in order to mature into a confident Guide for others

“This course goes above and beyond a typical yoga teacher training. You will do deep personal self inquiry and emotional alchemy, shining light on your darkest shadows. You will expand out of your comfort zone in the sake of growth and evolution. You are encouraged to surrender and trust as you are guided to go deeper within in order to prepare you to convey the tantric teachings in the most authentic expression. This experience is a gift to yourself and your Yoga students, should you choose to use the tools and techniques presented at Satya Loka to teach others in the future.”

Charlotte, Norway



 Dive into the depths of Yoga, and with expertise guidance you can apply to fully complete your 200hr Yogini Tantrika & Women Centred Yoga Teacher Training Course online. Our online participation is unique and fully supported with a high emphasis on live classes and individual support.


  • We have been involved teaching various teacher training courses for over 13 years; you are in caring and experienced hands.


  • Radasi is renowned in guiding all women retreats and teacher trainings, she teaches with kindness, an empowering honesty and a lot of down to earth humour.  


  • The teachers chosen to deliver this particular online teacher training course are outstanding in their fields and by joining this TTC you will receive direct ongoing support from all of them. 
  • The course can be delivered over the initial two months, if you can not make the lives classes you can view later. Time is then given to integrate everything you learn through self embodiment of the practices.


  • We offer three inspiring manuals for theory & techniques, Asana methodology, anatomy & physiology in Yoga, and we ensure to combine this theory with creative expression.


  • Upon completion you will be a 200hr certified Yoga instructor by Yoga Alliance.

“Satya Loka represents the true connection with the ancient wisdom. In the most respectful way,
Satya Loka is giving us a chance to merge with the tantric traditions. Radasi’s path of devotion and service is her honest lifetime mission and a source of guidance. She has the ability to reach
people’s shadows and pain on a soul level and bring them to light in a very healing way. She has my respect because she walks her path while embracing her full strength and feminine essence.” 

Petra Shakti Kaur, Czech Republic



Our authentic, traditional Tantra Yoga classes, enable you to experience the sacred science of Tantra and Hatha Yoga. We explore how to weave Devotion, Mysticism & Yogic philosophy into Asana classes with creative depth.

Our Asana classes are accessible for all, whether you are a beginner in Tantra or seasoned practitioner,  you will be guided into your own personal Tantra Yoga practice. The meditative style of practicing Asana enables centeredness, presence and cultivates inner peaceful joy. During Angela’s classes you will also experience classes of a more Vinyasa style which will inspire the diversity of your teaching.  

The basis of any true Yoga class is to strengthen and relax the physical body, enhance the subtle energetic body, and balance the inner lunar and solar polarities, all of this leads to greater inner peace and stability and spiritual blossoming.

During our Asana classes you will learn to deepen, nurture and empower your own practice, which in turn will create a solid foundation for your teaching practice.

Led by Ra Lalita Dasi



What creates the beauty and feminine touch on our trainings is the weekly sacred expressions sessions.

These include:


  • Sacred dance
  • Divine ritual 
  • Sister sharing circles
  • Creative sessions


AAngela Perez will guide your through the practicalities of how to successfully transmit Asana (posture) practice into the essence of Yoga.

An integral key to your transformation from practitioner to Yoga Teacher, is to be able to confidently guide your students safely in Yoga Asana.

Through this experiential discovery of Asana within our own practice, we are able to transmit the gift of Yoga to our students. 

We cover:

  • Key principles of Asana methodology 
  • How to teach Asana safely and effectively
  • Fundamental teaching skills 
  • How to create coaching points/verbal cues using 3 key Asana fundamentals
  • Verbal vs physical adjustments 
  • Explore in depth the sun salutations, and each Asana posture
  • Verbal vs physical adjustments 
  • Three Asana classes to support your exploration and understanding of Yogic theory 

Led by Angela Perez


Pranayam is a powerful Yogic system that can not only heal and invigorate the physical and subtle energetic bodies, the benefits can also bring well being to the mind and spirit.

A consistent and harmonious practice also enhances the vibrancy of life, and helps to create a deeper relationship to Prana and life force in general. 

You will receive private coaching sessions in which you receive personal mentoring to help assess and develop your own effective relationship with Pranayama. Starting from in depth basics to in depth advancements. 

Radasi is renowned as an excellent and safe teacher, and will help you to develop your practice in profound ways.

We cover:

  • 12 different techniques of Pranayama, Bandhas and Kriyas
  • How to apply the knowledge of Tantra to Pranayama
  • The profound effects of Pranayama on the subtle energetic body

Led by Ra Lalita Dasi


Our immersions into Meditation and Yoga Nidra are designed to draw you deeper into presence. 

Specifically created to be fully accessible for those who have not yet experienced meditation, and to those who are regular practitioners.

The meditation practices chosen guide you back home to your Heart, to befriend stillness within you.

We cover:

  • How to meditate effectively and with ease
  • Heart Centered practices
  • What is Meditation and Yoga Nidra
  • Five complementary techniques for you to teach
  • Mantra meditation
  • Breathing techniques
  • Awareness meditation
  • Yoga Nidra 

Led by Ra Lalita Dasi


We delve into the depth of Yogic philosophy to gain a personal and interactive experience of the theoretical aspects of Yoga and Tantra.

Our interactive classes explore ancient sacred scriptures and knowledge in a joyful and meaningful way, in order to ignite inspiration towards these beautiful important philosophies which are foundational in Yoga and Tantra.

We cover:

  • Yoga philosophy
  • Pranayama 
  • The Chakras
  • The subtle body and Kundalini 
  • Meditation and Yoga Nidra
  • Traditional Tantra – Mantra – Yantra – Yagna
  • The Das Maha Vidyas 
  • The Bhagavad Gita
  • Devi Gita
  • The Yoga Sutras 
  • The Yamas and Niyamas 
  • Sacred sexuality
  • Self inquiry through psychology and self knowledge
  • Children’s Yoga
  • Business and ethics

Led by Ra Lalita Dasi


Cultivating an understanding of the marvel of the human body, is an integral aspect of becoming a talented Yoga Teacher.

Ksenia Rasa Priya will guide you through the systems of the physical body, and inspires your reflection of our intricate human anatomy.  

We unearth and integrate both Eastern traditions combined with Western science in order to reach a balanced analysis of the physical and energetical subtle body.

  • Skeletal system 
  • Muscular system 
  • Cardiopulmonary system  
  • Neuro system 
  • How to teach asana alignment safely 
  • Variations and modifications


We explore the knowledge from 3 different schools within Tantra Yoga and through Radasi’s 24 years of self practice and experience, we entrust you will discover an inspiring understanding of the Divine intricacy and power of Tantra Yoga. 

We cover:

  • How to weave mysticism and depth into your Yoga classes
  • The Chakras
  • The Subtle body and Kundalini
  • The lunar and solar energies
  •  Surya Namaskar
  • Chandra Namaskar
  • General Overview of sequencing in Tantra Yoga
  • How to teach the science of Tantra and Kundalini safely
  • The Tantric application within sequencing

Led by Ra Lalita Dasi


This aspect is focused on reconnecting to an ancient wisdom that still whispers in our bones and drums in our hearts. To learn how to develop deeper relationships with the natural world, especially plant allies and namely, medicinal plants, and to integrate them so that they are a part of our daily life ceremony. 


Amy will give you an in-depth understanding of a handful of accessible medicinal herbs and will teach you how to continue to deepen your own practice with plants so that you may continue well after the course.
With a passion for Vitalist Herbalism, Amy will share how to see the life around you in an interrelated and holistic way so that you may read the messages nature is sharing with you and develop your intuition and wisdom in the properties and uses of wild and cultivated herbs. 
Amy is keen to kindle the fires of your heart for plants, nature, the sacred and the beautiful mystery that surrounds us, whilst providing the foundations to an ongoing relationship with medicinal herbs.  
May they aid our journey of well-being, may they aid others well-being, may they aid planetary well-being, and may we aid their well-being. 
Led by Amy Devani 


You will be offered an optional mantra meditation practice which will support you energetically in your development as a Yoga instructor.

The Mantra that is given for this meditation practice connects you with the energies of Nil Tara. The supportive energy of Saraswati and Nil Tara help us to transmit and convey spiritual teachings, such as Yoga.

Guided by Radasi through the grace of Guru Ji Raj Kumar of Shivoham Tantra


The days and times below are an initial suggestion based on what has been working for the last two online TTCS, they may vary for us to accommodate all participants in the training. 

Please mention your availability in your application, and note all sessions are recorded if you can’t make a day!


10th February

New Moon Opening Ceremony


13th & 14th February

Weekend Online Retreat with Radasi – Entering into the Temple of Yoga 


 15th February – 11th April – 4 live classes per week 

The timings are presented here in eastern European times EET.


Tuesdays – 9am- 12pm

Asana Methodology with Angela – 3hrs 

Wednesdays – 1pm-3.30pm

Anatomy & Physiology with Ksenia – 2.5hrs (6 sessions)

Saturdays – 5pm – 8pm

Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation with Radasi – 3hrs

Sundays – 6pm -9.30pm

Sacred Expression with Radasi – 2.5hrs

Pranayama with Radasi – 1 hr

 Guest teachers Laura and Amy will weave their offerings alternately Wednesday or Saturdays.

*Those completing 200hrs online will have additional ongoing self teaching practice


 A total of 50 hours live pre recorded Yogic Philosophy, Tantra Methodology & Meditation sessions.

1st & 2nd month of training

Proposed live classes per week – timings are flexible depending for the group.

Tuesdays – 9am- 12pm

Asana Methodology with Angela – 3hrs 

Wednesdays – 1pm-3.30pm

Anatomy & Physiology with Ksenia – 2.5hrs (6 sessions)

Saturdays – 9am – 12pm

Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation with Radasi – 3hrs

Sundays (time varies)

Sacred Expression with Radasi – 2.5hrs

Pranayama with Radasi – 1 hr

 Guest teachers Laura and Amy will weave their offerings alternately Wednesday or Saturdays.

*Those completing 200hrs online will have additional ongoing self teaching practice

Retreat in Greece – 80 hours (10 July – 17 July)

During this Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in Greece, you will have the opportunity to be in the presence of your teachers and a all women’s group in the nature, embodying all you have learned in readiness to teach yourself.

Note for participation on this retreat group numbers are limited to 12 people.


*15% discount of the total price if enrolled before January 31st, 2021.


Your deposit secures your booking, and is non-refundable, in all circumstances 

If local travel restrictions prevent you from travelling to the retreat, you will be given the option to finish online, and will not be charged the costs of the retreat. 

If you cancel prior to 2 months before the start date of your course, you are able to request a transfer of dates which will be confirmed dependant on availability.


Ra Lalita Dasi

Radasi, the school’s founder, personally facilitates each training with a commitment to truth. She has undertaken over 5000 hours in training, with more than 15 years experience as a teacher in Hatha, Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. 

Radasi’s deep passion to support others on the path of spirituality arises from a personal practice which spans 25 years. She walks her talk and lives a life immersed in Yoga, traditional Tantra, meditation, devotion and ritual. She is a seasoned tantric practitioner and a senior teacher at Shivoham Tantra. Radasi is loved for her honest, intuitive, down to earth and caring way of being. 

Angela Perez

Angela Perez has been passionately and joyfully dedicated to the Yogic path for over 15 years. With a refined blend of Spanish born fire and deep love and gratitude for this life, it is equally her joy and honour to teach, study and share Yoga in the world and her deep calling to walk the Path of the Heart both on and off the mat.

Angela’s teaching style mirrors the way she practices – with complete joy and commitment to the path. She truly embodies the understanding that ‘practice is a gift’ and holds firm to her intention to be a radiant example of the true joy, power and potential of Yoga.

Ksenia Rasapriya Bodhi

Her path in yoga began in 2010 with training with Yoga masters from Russia, Indonesia and India, which allowed her to gain knowledge in different traditions: Sivananda Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Kriya Yoga, Trai Yoga and Iyengar Yoga. She received her education in Yoga at the Moscow University of Yoga in 2014, after which she moved to India, where she continued her personal development in Yoga with authentic masters. In her teachings she brings the intersection of Western knowledge of science, medicine and biomechanics and the spirituality of Eastern philosophers which is the essence of Yoga.

Laura Carrotti

Laura Carrotti has dedicated her life to helping people redefine their relationship with their sexuality. She merges traditional Yoga and Tantra with breath work, psycho-spiritual inquiry and dynamic meditation to create an experience of presence and embodiment.

From this place the participants are guided through an individual process which maps out the patterns and mental conditioning present in their relating and allows them to take responsibility for their lives rather than feel victims of fate. From this place of responsibility acceptance unfolds, and from acceptance can come lasting change. 

Amy Devani

Amy, a Yoga teacher now for over 12 years and an inspiring woman of the world, and has spent years communing with plants. Medicinal herbs and plant allies are a passion of hers and Yoga and philosophy a joy. Amy will take you on a journey back to the wisdom in your bones, that pulses with that same force that pulses within all life. The teachings are to bring us back in deep connection and communion with nature and our own feminine wisdom and intuition. Plants are healers, guides, teachers and friends and Amy is delighted, honored and blessed to be able to share this with you.


“I got so much more than what I came for. So much depth and guidance can only come from teachers with so much experience in their own spiritual path. Radasi is not just a yoga teacher but a spiritual teacher that carries a lot of wisdom. This TTC was not only about learning about yoga and tantra, but an intense spiritual journey for my soul, and maybe that’s what it is all about. Learning about yourself, practicing what you teach.”

Hanneke Laaning, Netherlands

“When I met Radasi I understood what was the path of Shakti, of love, of passion, of devotion. She is teaching me how to be truly in my feminine power and at the same time realize that the real Self is beyond gender limits. How to welcome and experience all the arising emotions and be still. How to build my life the way I want to see it and totally surrender to God. How to walk the Path remaining a Woman. Just being around her is a great opportunity to learn, let along teacher trainings where she gives 100% of herself and inspires so powerfully the lives of those who are ready to take it can change dramatically.”

Kat Sukh, Russia

“The sacred wisdom learned here is beyond any book knowledge. You get the full experience the tools, support and space to be. The teachings learned here are those looking for a full experience of transformation. This month will never be forgotten. A one of a kind experirence. I recommend all of Radasi’s courses and have trust that she is a channel providing all that one would need.”

Ariana Karim, USA

“No price can be put on the end result; a phenomenal shift in my perception. Through participating in this self discovery course with Radasi, I have learnt more about myself than ever before, found a new found love for the internal and external worlds, and as a consequence of this I feel radically more confident in my own skin. After completing a teacher training two years ago and not having the confidence to teach, I am now happy to say I am teaching regularly! Eternally grateful.”

Nicola A Jay, UK


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