27th August – 4th September, 2024

YACEP certified

Our advanced 80-hour teacher training is acknowledged by Yoga Alliance as YACEP.

Immerse into Traditional Practices of Yoga&Tantra

Embark on the transformational journey through authentic teachings and teachers.

Deepen and enhance your knowledge

Evolve into an experienced Yoga practitioner, and perfect a diverse range of skills to guide others.

Discover Your Natural Self

 An amazing location on holy Mount Olympus that will match the depth of your Yoga experience. 

Our advanced 80-hour teacher training is offered as continuing education for Yoga and Tantra and is acknowledged by Yoga Alliance as YACEP. The 8 day retreat covers 80hrs, and offers additionally a complimentary online module teaching the subtle energy in Asanas and Pranayama, this is very useful for teachers and practitioners alike. 

As an integral and potent offering in this retreat you will also take part in a unique Traditional Tantra Sadhana.

This Yoga and Tantra teacher training enhancement is an invitation to study and embody the deeper aspects of Yoga and your own practice in the most authentic way so that you truly step into your highest potential as a Yoga instructor.

It is also for regular practitioners who are not teaching, who simply wish to deepen their practice. 

The training program provides many organic and amazing Greek wholesome meals as well as silent periods (Mauna) that are held particularly in the mornings and during other times of the retreat, this allows a harmonious and gradual detox for both the body and mind.

During this retreat, you are guaranteed to meet like-minded people and continue your journey into a deeper knowledge and understanding as a yoga instructor during this fully immersive training retreat.

This advanced training program takes place in the region of Mount Olympus, Greece. The retreat venue is situated at the top of a hill so that we have breathtaking views of the mountains, sea and astonishing sunrises. The venue sits amid the lush forest, overlooking the mountains that lead into the sea, where we have our daily yoga practice, studies and time to simply rest in the beautiful nature.



This retreat is designed to empower you to be able to offer more in-depth workshops and retreats to others that include yogic philosophy, Pranayama breathing techniques, guided meditation, and Tantra-themed Yoga classes that have the support to hold asanas for long periods of time, to become more connected to the subtle energy practice of Yoga. 

During this advanced Yoga teacher certification, you will also be taught how to offer sacred dance journeys with varied themes, Bhajans (devotional singing), and a simple form of fire ceremony so that you can offer more variety as a retreat facilitator and teacher. Those that spend more time in Satya Loka training naturally gain more experience to hold more complex fire ceremonies known as Yagna.

By the end of this retreat, you will develop more skills to lead your own in-depth workshop or retreat that shares the ancient techniques that classical Tantra Yoga has to offer.



 Study with Radasi and Yorgos who have both been practicing Yoga or Meditation for over 27 years each.

 Traditional Tantra Sadhana that works with purifying and enhancing your own energy system

  Empowering you to be able to spread Yoga & Tantra teachings with more authenticity

An amazing location on holy Mount Olympus, in which during the practice we intimately connect with the sun, moon, stars, planets and al around nature. 

 Feel the support of a caring and safe space to help you go beyond your limitations

 Guidance and deepening of your present practices and states of meditation

  A retreat style teacher training that enhances inner growth




Swara Yoga teaching and application

– Traditional Tantric Sadhana

– Beginners – Advanced Pranayama

– Themed Tantra Yoga classes

– Yoga Nidra teachings

– Dance session teachings

– Vijnana Bhairav Meditation teachings

– Creative Expression classes

– Fire Ceremony

– Nature walks and beach visit

– The teachers lead by example



6.00 am – Yoga Sadhana – Pranayama – Meditation

9.30 am – Breakfast & Rejuvenation

11.00 am – Tantric & Yogic Philosophy 

1.00 pm – Lunch & Rejuvenation

3.30 pm – Rituals, Creative Expression, Walks

6.00 pm – Meditation

7.00 pm – Dinner

Optional Yoga Nidra after dinner



During the 8 days, you will participate in Traditional Tantric Sadhana, which involves the use of Mantra, creating a living Yantra, and participating in fire Yagna. Through this experience, you are able to discover authentic Tantra practice and the profound effect these practices have on your vital and spiritual life force. This aspect is really one of the gems of the training.

You will also be introduced to ancient and profound systems of Tantra, Yoga, and Meditation, these include Sharabh Yog and traditional tantric kriyas, Swara Yoga, and a pro found look at the Vignan Bhairav Tantra as a comprehensive system of meditation techniques and self awakening. 


As an additional gift to support your teaching and practice, you also receive access to a module from our Online TTC called Tantra Methodology.

 Tantra Methodology teaches about the subtle energy awareness in the asanas, and as a grounded philosophy of Tantra Yoga for both practitioners and teachers.

  This knowledge is derived from Radasi’s 21 years as a Tantra Yoga practitioner in different systems of Yoga.


*Note it is a requirement of the retreat to respect silence during the specified periods. If you are not familiar with silent retreat periods please feel free to reach out to our retreat facilitators who can explain how this is a beautiful part of an advanced Yoga practice. 


To secure your spot in the Greece Advanced TTC, a non-refundable deposit of €300 is required. We understand that life can be unpredictable, so in exceptional circumstances, we may consider transferring your deposit to another course. However, if the deposit is made through third-party platforms, we must maintain a strict non-refundable policy.

A second payment is due one month before the retreat begins. Alternatively, you have the option to make this payment in cash upon your arrival. 

The final balance is paid directly to the venue upon arrival, payable by bank transfer or card or cash.


We understand the travel can feel daunting, so we’re here to offer support every step of the way.

The closest airport to the venue is Thessaloniki, and the closest towns to us are Litochoro and Leptokarya, it is easily approachable by train or bus from Athens and Thessaloniki. The distance from Thessaloniki is 1,5 hours and from Athens 3,5 hours. Buses are reliable, cheap and comfortable. Trains are excellent but connect only the big cities and are not as frequent as the buses.

Tips: We’ll create a WhatsApp group where we’ll provide guidance and support in booking your journeys to make sure your journey is safe and smooth. 


Radasi Aryavrat

Radasi walks her talk and lives a life immersed in Yoga, traditional Tantra, meditation, devotion and ritual with a commitment to truth and personal growth. She shares more than 16 years experience as a teacher in Hatha, Tantra and Kundalini Yoga and her personal practice spans 26 years.

She is a seasoned tantric practitioner and a senior teacher at Shivoham Tantra, entrusted by the lineage to transmit the advanced system of Sharabh Yog.

Radasi is loved for her honest, intuitive, down to earth and caring way of being. 

Yorgos Aryavrat

From the early age of seventeen Yorgos began meditating, pursuing spiritual efforts and deepening his studies in Orthodox mysticism and gnostic Christianity. On the path of awareness he has always been interested in direct experiencing and understanding the inner life than perusing through intellect and reading. He was initiated into to the Kriya Yoga lineage and practices, which complimented and deepened his previous experiences. 

Now Yorgos is an initiated teacher of Shivoham Tantra, and dedicates himself to holding in-depth meditation retreats with his deep presence and calm nature, people simply feel at home.


“No video could have shown and explained how magnificently Ra Lalita was holding the space for our group, how she is guiding us individually through our emotional and spiritual journey and how authentically and naturally she is sharing the gifts of the tantric Yoga practice. Not only was I taught how to safely and properly guide students throughout an Asana Yoga class, we also learned the mantras, developed a great understanding for the Yoga philosophy and the traditional tantric teachings were superbly facilitated. She also gave great importance to share with us tools of introspection and self inquiry – a most valid foundation for a serious Yoga teacher aspirant.”

Felicia Hayden, Austria

“From creating a sacred Yantra, to Fire Ceremonies, Sacred Dance, Mantra, Pranayama and more. Ra Lalita has her own wonderful, unique way of teaching, she teaches with a lot of wisdom, grace and great sense of humour! And she cares deeply for everyone who takes this journey with her. The guest teachers were also amazing and each one brought something very special to the course. If you are looking for authentic teachings and a truly amazing TTC experience where you will gain knowledge and confidence to go out and teach immediately.”

Debbie Caruso, UK

“Throughout this intense and fruitful experience, the loving kindness, sensitivity and constant support of Ra Lalita Dasi and her equanimity and ability to see deeper in you, creates a safe and trusting environment where one is able to open his/her heart and immerse in love. I am very grateful for this wonderful journey. My decision to attend this specific TTC with Satya Loka has been proved to be the best choice. Right now I am receiving the fruits of this decision.”

Christina Georgiou, Cyprus


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