Satya means Truth and Loka means indwelling, home, abode or world.

Our school is dedicated to offer teachings and trainings that focus on the recognition of our true nature, and the inner union that naturally reveals itself through the practice. 

Satya Loka Centre of traditional Yoga and Tantra was founded in 2011. For a period of two years the school offered solely Women’s teacher trainings under the co founded school of Yogini Devi, in 2014 the school became established under the name Satya Loka.

Satya Loka offers teachings mainly in India, Greece and U.K as well as online classes. The teachings are diverse and integral and as well as having women only events, we offer most of our events to all genders.

We offer mainly 200hr and advanced 300hr teacher trainings, meditation retreats, advanced training retreats and guidance in traditional tantric sadhana. The teachers are renowned for offering ongoing support and free offerings, creating community and being an anchor of light in these times of change.

At Satya Loka School we have a humble intention to honour the purity and truth of traditional teachings. We have all studied with renowned teachers and masters, and through their grace we endeavour to transmit the practices in a clear and digestible way.


We preserve and share the ancient traditions of Yoga and Tantra. Based as a school in Olympus, Greece, we immerse ourselves in and teach these practices in India, bridging Eastern philosophy and practices with Western society. We create opportunities for people to join us in retreats and in-depth trainings, both as practitioners and teachers, in the sacred destinations of Greece, India, and the U.K.

Our vision is to guide others to reclaim their own inner connection with nature so that they can integrate what they experience into their own lives, wherever they may be. May our mission be fulfilled by the wellness and sacred empowerment of each individual we meet, influencing how they can share that with others and the world.


Yorgos and Radasi Aryavrat belong to an Indian traditional Tantra Lineage and receive direct guidance from their Guru, Guruji RajKumar Baswar, together they have 60 years experience in Yoga and Spirituality.

After meeting in the Shivoham Tantra Ashram in India 2017, they married a few months later, and since this time they live between India and Greece. Their school Satya Loka, founded in 2011, has supported countless people in diving deeper into their true nature, and integrating this in their everyday life.

Their own Sadhana has progressed over the years through the Kaula, Mischra and Samaya Tantra, and through their personal commitment to the path they are initiated to offer beginner to advanced levels in Tantra and Yoga. Teaching mostly from the right hand practices of Tantra, using mainly Mantra, Yantra, Yagna, Yoga and Kriya infused with devotion, and a down to earth friendly approach.


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