Person-Centred Counselling

Online counselling sessions to help you find the keys within yourself to a greater inner peace. 

Yoga Teacher Coaching

Ideal for those who wish to take the first steps to teaching Yoga, or those who wish to bring new life to their teaching

Spiritual Guidance

Mentorship to help bring inspiration to your daily practice, and a sacredness to your daily life.



Radasi offers unconditional ongoing support for all who come to Satya Loka. This comes in the form of friendly support, teaching, and Mantra initiation. 

Radasi is the main teacher who offers these particular mentoring sessions and also brings a wealth of experience from a background in counselling and holistic living. This combined with her knowledge and experience in the field of Yoga and Meditation she offers a service that can bring depth and transformation to your life.

Radasi was trained at Advanced Diploma level as a person centred counsellor from 1996 to 2000, and after delving deeply over the last eight years into psycho spiritual inquiry she guides others with her nurturing and insightful capacity. 

Personal Mentoring is an additional one on one support designed to offer guidance based on the wisdom of Yoga, Traditional Tantra and Self Inquiry.

The guidance varies from person to person, some seeking one on one Yogasana teachings, other initiation into Mantra sadhana and others simply looking to integrate their feelings and claim back their inner joy.

At Satya Loka we are credited for our personal approach to our teachings and relationships with students, and even during the yoga teacher training courses and retreats, we support the personal development of the participants with great attention and care.


Online sessions 

Many times one session is all that is needed

Radasi is a qualified and trained counsellor in the U.K

Yogic mentorship with a life long Yogini

 Sessions that help you to find the answers within 

 Bring new life into your Yoga teaching 

Bring new life into your practice 

 Bring new life into your life

Receive tools to maintain your empowerment

 Ongoing care


For those who are in a very difficult financial situation, you are welcome to pay less after discussing with Radasi.

Usually one session if efficient in helping you to guide yourself in the right direction. Radasi believes in empowering yourself to find your own answers and inner connection.

The price of each session ranges on a sliding scale starting at:


I had a one-on-one session with Radasi, as I had a question that I could not find the answer myself. I have never met Radasi before, but I knew her through several friends. The session with Radasi was very helpful. She was present, kind, non-judgmental, wise and loving. I felt very safe to open up to her and share my deepest sadness and confusion.

She listened to me with love and acceptance, and I could feel her wisdom from another side of the screen. She suggested me to surrender to the Divine, and pray for the highest good, instead of keep using my mind to figure things out or making things happen that are beyond my control.

After the session, I felt so relaxed… to know that I don’t need to figure it out – at least for now… I can give myself a mental break. She also gave me a mantra to work on for the next 3 months.

Now I am reminding myself every day to let go, and come back to my heart. I am glad that I did a session with Radasi, and I want to learn from her more in the near future.

M.Y, Singapore


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