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Discover a truly traditional practice of Tantra and Yoga

Embark on the transformational journey into the science of Tantra Yoga & Kriya. Elevate your mindset and enhance your subtle body with traditional tantric practices.

Deepen your knowledge and cultivate your skills

Evolve into an experienced Yoga practitioner, by studying Yoga and meditation practice, and philosophy that takes you deeper. The course is accredited with Yoga Alliance as YACEP.

Practice and evolve in your own home

Study and participate from the comfort of your own home, whilst being an integral part of a fully supportive community of peers, guided by experienced and knowledgeable lead teachers. 

Optionally become an accredited Yoga teacher

You have the choice to use this online course towards your 300hr Certified Yoga Teacher Accreditation at  Shivoham Tantra to become fully accredited to expand your skills into teaching Yoga and Kriya.  

Sharabh Yog is based on a system of Tantra Yoga, primarily used in some classical Indian Ashrams, given to Sadhaks to prepare their physical and energetic structure as a foundation for higher tantric practices.

This Sharabh Tantra Yoga 50hr course is directed towards those who have a deeper sense of the spirituality of Yoga.

It is for those who already have knowledge on how to practice Asana safely in their own body, and for those who would like to use the 50hrs towards the teacher training, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of Yoga anatomy.

Through this course you will gain a deeper understanding of yogic philosophy, both theoretically and in practice. 

Each month you will receive instructions into a specific sequence of Asanas and guidance in the use of Bija Mantras in the Asanas to energise the Chakras and the petals of the Chakras, along with expertly led Pranayama techniques and practice. A live group meeting will also be held to practice Sanskrit pronunciation and to offer group support.

All in all this 50hr immersion offers significant personal and spiritual development on the path of Tantra and in Yoga.



 Online Sharabh Yog introduction teaches you the application of the Bija Mantras in Yog Asana for your own practice. 

 Experience Asana, Pranayama, meditation, Mantra Sadhana and an introduction to tantric Kriyas.

 Optional live Yoga and Pranayama classes.

 Monthly live meetings for questions and support with Radasi.

 Flexible schedule to accommodate work and family commitments.

 Ability to use the course towards full Yoga Teacher Certification. Complete your 300hr Certified Yoga Teacher Training at Shivoham Tantra in India.


  • The teachings of Sharabh Yog are rare gems in the world of modernised Yoga, the teachings come through Shivoham Tantra, an authentic traditional lineage of Indian Tantra.


  • The teachers of Sharabh Yog are direct disciples of Guruji Maharaj, and have been entrusted to preserve and initiate others into Sharabh Yog.
  • Radasi has been involved in teaching various teacher training courses for over 13 years, and together with Yorgos they have a combined experience of over 55 years.


  • As a school of Yoga and Tantra, we know that teaching people to teach the path of Yoga requires a high-quality level of training and significant direct contact with your teachers. By joining this TTC you will receive direct ongoing support from both Yorgos and Radasi. 


Online 50hrs immersion as an independant study module 

Dive into the depths of Yoga, and participate in your integrative 7-month on-going Sharabh Yog online course. The 50hrs Online course is for practitioners, and will not certify you to teach the practices.

Online 50hrs immersion as part of the 300hr teacher training with full completion in india

Initiate your 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Course online, and complete your fully accredited training with a retreat in India at the Shivoham Tantra Ashram. 



 Recordings available for until December 31st 2021

Dates to be confirmed with everyone in the group

January 2021

  • Classes now available on recordings 

    February – Muladhar Chakra 

    • Friday 12th February 6-8pm – Pranayama & Meditation, Questions & Answers
    • Saturday 20th February 6-9pm – Yog Asana, Pranayama & Meditation

    March – Swadhisthan Chakra

    • 3hrs – Yog Asana, Pranayama & Meditation
    • 2hrs – Pranayama & Meditation, Questions & Answers

    April – Manipur Chakra

    • 3hrs – Yog Asana, Pranayama & Meditation
    • 2hrs – Pranayama & Meditation, Questions & Answers

    May – Anahat Chakra

    • 3hrs – Yog Asana, Pranayama & Meditation
    • 2hrs – Pranayama & Meditation, Questions & Answers

    June – Visshudha Chakra

    • 3hrs – Yog Asana, Pranayama & Meditation
    • 2hrs – Pranayama & Meditation, Questions & Answers

    July – Chakra Flow & Ajna Chakra 

    • 3hrs – Yog Asana, Pranayama & Meditation
    • 2hrs – Pranayama & Meditation, Questions & Answers

    August – Chakra Flow 

    • 3hrs – Yog Asana, Pranayama & Meditation
    • 2hrs – Pranayama & Meditation, Questions & Answers

    Please note that by attending Satya Loka courses you are then given access to many free events and supported Sadhana offered to the community. 


    Our authentic, traditional Tantra Yoga classes enable you to experience the science of Mantra in Hatha Yoga under the skilled and initiated guidance of Ra Lalita Dasi. The online course includes a study of the Bija Mantras for the petals of the Chakras.

    The basis of the classes help to balance the overall subtle energetic body, with gradual balancing of the lunar and solar polarities. Οur Asana classes nurture the self empowerment of your own practice, which in turn creates the foundation for your teaching practice.

    Our Sharabh Yοg Asana classes are designed for intermediate to advanced practitioners. The meditative style of the Asana practice combined with the increase of Shakti (energy) from the use of Mantra enables centeredness, presence and cultivates increased inner joy.

    Led by Ra Lalita Dasi


    Pranayam is a powerful yogic technique that can be used to enhance our experience of life more vibrantly, combined with utilizing the life force pervading all beings (Prana) to heal and invigorate the physical and subtle energetic bodies.

    Radasi offers an in-depth and comprehensive study to pranayama breaking down the techniques with insight and careful precision. Her style of teaching is progressive and is guaranteed to reveal a deeper practice for all levels.

    We cover:

    • 12 different techniques of Pranayama
    • How to apply the knowledge of Tantra to Pranayama
    • The effects of Pranayama on the subtle energetic body

    Led by Ra Lalita Dasi


    Our immersions into meditation are designed to draw you deeper into the stillness of your being. 

    Specifically created to be fully accessible for those who have not yet experienced meditation, and to those who are regular practitioners, our meditation practices are designed to allow you to drop into a deeper inner connection to  observe the stillness within.

    The online course covers:

    • How to meditate effectively
    • What is meditation 
    • How to practice three easy techniques to allow meditation to arise
    • Mantra meditation
    • Breathing techniques
    • Visualisation techniques
    • Awareness meditation

      Led by Yorgos Mazarakis & Ra Lalita Dasi


      Recorded classes – 10hrs 

      • The Chakras – 2hrs 
      • Traditional Tantra – 2hrs
      • Pranayama – 2hrs 
      • The subtle body and Kundalini 
      • Meditation – 2hrs 
      • Pronunciation video – 15 minutes

      Led by Ra Lalita Dasi


      For any practitioner of Tantra, Mantra Sadhana is a key to unlock the mysteries within.

      You can progress through the the first two levels of Mantras of Shivoham Tantra within this course.

      Level 1 Purification Mantra Sadhana – 3 months – highly Recommended
      Level 2 Chakra Petal Sadhana – 62 days – highly recommended

      For those planning to attend the 300hr, you will have the option to progress through the levels or go direct to the Sharabh Yog preparation mantra.



      To access the Sharabh Yog 50hr course immediately, a deposit of €500 is required. Given the immediate access to the course materials, the deposit for this course is non-refundable.


      Radasi Aryavrat

      Radasi, the school’s founder, personally facilitates each training with a commitment to Truth. She has undertaken over 5000 hours in training, with more than 15 years experience as a teacher in Hatha, Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. 

      Radasi’s deepest passion which arises from a personal practice which spans 25 years, is to live a life immersed in Yoga, traditional Tantra, meditation, dance, devotion and ritual. After completing 10 years of study to become a Yoga teacher, she successfully guides others to the path of teaching and Yoga, which provides her with immeasurable joy.

      Yorgos Aryavrat

      From the early age of seventeen Yorgos began meditating, pursuing spiritual efforts and deepening his studies in Orthodox mysticism and gnostic Christianity. On the path of awareness he has always been interested in direct experiencing and understanding the inner life than perusing through intellect and reading. He was initiated into to the Kriya Yoga lineage and practices, which complimented and deepened his previous experiences. 


      “What to say about my experiences with the Sharabh Yog Kriya initiation? Well, I am drawing near to the end of my integration period and can reflect reasonably well on how this experience has impacted my personal and spiritual lives.

      Foremost, I now feel that my personal and spiritual lives are no longer sperate dimensions. The intensive experience of staying at the Shivoham Ashram showed me how neatly spiritual practice fits into my life. Such devotional practices as daily aarti anchor my awareness into the divine. While demanding, the daily routine of practices create the invitation to dive deeply into spiritual practice in a supportive and motivating environment. My outlook on spiritual practice has been shaktified!

      The teachings, support, and guidance offered by Radasi and Yorgos provided me with countless example of how to effectively teach and guide tantric practice. They gave both group and individual support and always motivated me to go deeper into my sadhana. Ashram life can be busy, sometimes even hectic, and I always felt I could approach them for assistance if needed.

      But the most impactful were the practices themselves!  Sharabh Yog is authentic tantra at its finest. Not only was I provided with initiation into a system of kriya which developed me spiritually, but this was supported with numerous other spiritual technologies, such as pranayama and fire ceremony, and was all conducted under the loving care of Guruji Raj Kumar, Jay Maharaj Guruji!

      Sharabh Yog is not your typical yoga retreat. I would not recommend this for someone who is not intending to fully commit their mind, body and spirit to the Sharabh Yog process. I would recommend it for someone looking to dive into traditional tantric and develop an experiential understanding of how powerful shakti can be. It was both exhausting and exhilarating … and moreover utterly life changing.”

      Matt, Canada, 2022

      “The 300 hour teacher training through Satya Loka at Shivoham Ashram was unlike any other. What an incredibly deep, enriching experience. Radasi and Yorgos have extensive lived experience in these practices – which translates into complete understanding and patience in guiding you through the initiation process.

      This training is for anyone interested in diving into real, authentic Tantrik practices and the opportunity to develop your own personal Sadhana overlooked and supported by Guruji Maharaj. Not only did I leave this training with a whole new system of yoga to share as a teacher – I left with a stable and complete practice to continue my own Sadhana as a practitioner.”
      Chloe Arnold, Australia, 2022

      “I had the chance to be part of the first edition of the Sharabh Tantra Yog teacher training led by Radasi and Yorgos. It has been an amazing journey in so many ways… This program really challenges you to go deeper and deeper, to let go of any identifications or ideas that you might have about yourself and to reconnect with your divine nature.

      On a personal level, it helped me to recognize my strengths and to surrender and embrace everything that comes. Sharabh Yog is for all those who aspire to deepen their yoga experience and to expand their knowledge on Kundalini practices and the Chakra system.

      The course itself is an intense and transformative experience. I think it’s important that you arrive with an open mind and heart because this will allow you to really experience the teachings at the deepest level and find out the treasures for yourself.”

      Laura Serghiescu, Romania, 2020

      “After attending the course I had a greater understanding of traditional Tantra and yogic practices. I was able to teach in a more thorough way adding on my deeper understanding of the practices and weaving them into my teachings to my students. My own Sadhana went deeper with the integration of the practices too. The continued support from both Radasi & Yorgos after the course through their offerings are a real support and what I always knew this is what being in a lineage really meant.

      Being in the presence of Guruji and his energy creates a certain energy that I can only explain as Tantra. Being in a traditional tantric Ashram in India really helps to go into a calm and focused state which is needed to practice Tantra Yog. Radasi teaches the techniques in an easy and digestible way to understand and really cares for the safety of her students. Yorgos has years of meditation practice experience and his energy is felt in his teachings making Yoga Nidra and meditation understood through practicing with him. The atmosphere feels like a family at the Ashram and I couldn’t feel more blessed to be part of the Sharabh Yog lineage. If you are really serious about going deeper into these practices have an open mind.” 

      Hollie Wakeham, U.K., 2020


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