Avalon Yogini Sadhana Pilgrimage & Retreat

July 17th-21st, 2024, Glastonbury – Avalon, UK

Immerse in an all Women’s integral sacred space

Embrace the beauty of sisterhood in a healing and empowering circle of women that promotes authenticity and kindness.     

Authentic Traditional Tantric Practices of India

Experience India’s ancient Tantric traditions- authentic sadhana helps to connect with deeper wisdom, enhancing spiritual growth.

Pilgrimages to the Tor and Magdalene Chapel

Embark with us on sacred journeys to the Tor and Magdalene chapel, opening to the divine feminine mysteries that this land holds.

Are You inspired to go on an Inner and Outer Pilgrimage ?

Journey with us to the renowned sacred sites of the Avalon Tor and Magdalene chapel. This is a highlight of the Retreat; to be on these holy lands whilst in authentic sadhana, as this will naturally enhance all that we do.

Are You Seeking the Authentic Wisdom of Elders in the community?

Radasi is joined by her dear friends Draupadi Gershewitch and Urtema Dolphin, two respected Elders of this land who have dedicated their lives to honouring and protecting the natural ways, ways that help us and the planet to heal and re connect through prayer, honouring, herbal lore, the sacred fire and kindness.

Do You Want To Experience and Awaken Shakti Energy?

Experience the power of Mantra meditation and practices from Traditional Tantra that have been preserved in the lands of India. thus helping to awaken the benevolent Shakti that already exists within us.

Through Yoga, devotional songs, prayer circle, sacred dance, poetry, sacred texts, and learning to co exist in harmony with others and with nature, we learn to ground ourself in our authentic and natural state. 


 This retreat will take place in the Celtic lands of Avalon, Glastonbury England.

Radasi, the lead facilitator is originally from England and left 21 years ago to pursue a deeper spiritual calling. Throughout this time she always stayed connected to Avalon, and visits every year. 

Now, after many years under the guidance of her teacher & Guru in India, she offers a retreat that weaves the authentic and ancient practices of India with a pilgrimage to Avalon’s holy springs and revered sites.


Immerse in an all women’s Integral sacred space 

Authentic Traditional Tantric practices of India 

Pilgrimages to the Tor and Magdalene chapel 

Rituals with the elders of the Sacred Isles 

Dance, Devotional singing & creative Expression

Sacred texts & mystical Poetry 

Practice the essence of Tantra and Hatha Yoga

Mantra meditation as an ancient practice of awakening Shakti


*Enhanced with spontaneity according to our nature

July 17th
Arrival before 3pm
4pm – Welcome Ceremony
6pm – Evening meal
7pm – Traditional Tantrika Knowledge and Preparation for the retreat

July 18th

6.45am – Sacred Dance and Creating Sacred Space
8am – Yantra Creation
10.30am – Brunch
12pm – Yogini and Tantrika Teachings Including the Das Maha Vidyas
1.30-3pm – Japa Meditation & Devotional Singing
3pm – Free Time for Integration
4pm – Dinner
5.30pm – Sacred Texts – The Devi Gita
6pm – Japa Meditation
7.30pm – Bhajans with Avalon’s Bhakti Sisters

July 19th

6.45-8am – Maha Vidya Yoga Class
8-9.30am – Mantra Meditation & Aarti
9.30am – Brunch
11am – Pilgrimage to the Tor and Chalice Well/White Spring
Free Time for Silent Integration with Art Materials available
4pm – Dinner
5.30pm – Sacred Texts – The Devi Gita
6pm – Japa Meditation
7.30-9.30pm – Songs and Prayer Circle around the fire, with Draupadi

July 20th

6.45-8am – Devotional Tantra Yoga Class
8-9.30am – Mantra Meditation & Aarti
9.30am – Brunch
11am – Pilgrimage to the Chapel of Magdalene
Free Time for Silent Integration with Art Materials available
4pm – Dinner
5.30pm – Yagna/Fire Ceremony for the Goddess
7.30pm – Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony with Songs, with Urtema
Silent Evening for Integration

July 21st

6.45-8am – Mantra Meditation & Bhajans
8-9.30am – Dissolution of Yantra
9.30am – Breakfast
10.30-11.30am – Shakti Dance & Sharing Circle



To confirm your place, we require a deposit of 200 UK pounds. We do understand that plans can change, and so, if need be, we may be able to transfer your deposit to another course, with a deduction of 24% VAT charge. Please note, deposits made through third-party platforms are non-refundable.

The second payment is due one month before the retreat starts, or you can choose to make this payment in cash upon your arrival. 


Radasi Aryavrat

Radasi, the school’s founder, personally facilitates each training with a commitment to truth. She has undertaken over 5000 hours in training, with more than 15 years experience as a teacher in Hatha, Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. 

Radasi’s deepest passion which arises from a personal practice which spans 26 years, is to live a life immersed in Yoga, traditional Tantra, meditation, dance, devotion and ritual. After completing 10 years of study to become a Yoga teacher, she successfully guides others to the path of teaching and Yoga, which provides her with immeasurable joy.

Draupadi Gershewitch

Draupadi is a grandmother and has lived in Avalon for lifetimes. She is a medicine carrier and has lived a colourful life of deep and strong experiences. She carries a deep wisdom and remembrance of the sacred. 

She will be offering a sacred fire in the tradition of the first nation peoples, with cedar collected from the forest in Avalon. The cedar in this ancient tradition is the carrier of our prayers, therefore we will have a deep sharing circle with songs and kirtan led by Draupadi, so we can really reach deep in our hearts and express prayers for our loved ones and for humanity. 

Urtema Dolphin

Urtema Dolphin is a respected ceremonialist,healer, workshop and retreat facilitator. She has held Solstice sunrise fire ceremonies on Glastonbury Tor for 20 years now, they are renowned and are attended by hundreds of people.

Urtema will offer a Sacred Blue Lotus tea ceremony during this retreat, this tea is a very gentle medicine inducing calmness and wellbeing, and in some cases visions. Blue Lotus can also assist with dream recall and lucid dreaming. Caressed by sacred sound and aromatherapy Urtema will guide you on a magical sensory shamanic journey to inspire and uplift. 


“Satya Loka represents the true connection with the ancient wisdom. In the most respectful way,
Satya Loka is giving us a chance to merge with the tantric traditions. Radasi’s path of devotion and service is her honest lifetime mission and a source of guidance. She has the ability to reach
people’s shadows and pain on a soul level and bring them to light in a very healing way. She has my respect because she walks her path while embracing her full strength and feminine essence.”

Petra Shakti Kaur, Czech Republic

“I got so much more than what I came for. So much depth and guidance can only come from teachers with so much experience in their own spiritual path. Radasi is not just a Yoga teacher but a spiritual teacher that carries a lot of wisdom. This TTC was not only about learning about Yoga and Tantra, but an intense spiritual journey for my soul, and maybe that’s what it is all about. Learning about yourself, practicing what you teach.”

Hanneke Laaning, Netherlands

“When I met Radasi I understood what was the path of Shakti, of love, of passion, of devotion. She is teaching me how to be truly in my feminine power and at the same time realize that the real Self is beyond gender limits. How to welcome and experience all the arising emotions and be still. How to build my life the way I want to see it and totally surrender to God. How to walk the Path remaining a woman. Just being around her is a great opportunity to learn, let along teacher trainings where she gives 100% of herself, and inspires so powerfully the lives of those who are ready to take it, to change dramatically.”

Kat Sukh, Russia

“The sacred wisdom learned here is beyond any book knowledge. You get the full experience the tools, support and space to be. The teachings learend here are those looking for a full experience of transformation. This month will never be forgotten. A one of a kind epxierence. I recommend all of Radasi’s courses and have trust that she is a channel providing all that one would need.”

Ariana Karim, USA

“No price can be put on the end result; a phenomenal shift in my perception. Through participating in this self discovery course with Radasi, I have learnt more about myself than ever before, found a new found love for the internal and external worlds, and as a consequence of this I feel radically more confident in my own skin. After completing a teacher training two years ago and not having the confidence to teach, I am now happy to say I am teaching regularly! Eternally grateful.”

Nicola A Jay, UK


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