Why study with Satya Loka?

For us a TTC is a gateway, the real training is about empowering you to live and work from your true authentic Self 

We have been teaching people to teach Yoga for over 13 years, you are in professional and experienced hands 

Yorgos and Radasi have a combined experience in Yoga and meditation of over 50 years

For us you are not just here to learn the teachings, we teach you how to embody them 

For us Yoga and Tantra are graceful sciences that we understand from the inside 

Our courses are held in the most stunning locations that embrace nature 

 Our groups are limited from 12 to 16 training participants 


If you would like to speak in person with the main teacher

to learn about the school, teachings or the teachers

please write to us to schedule a personal conversation with Radasi

Discover your Self for the benefit of all beings

Our Calendar

 Online TTC & Courses

Resuming 16th October 2021

16th – 28th October 2020

Free online-supported Sadhana

with Yantra & Mantra 

14th Dec. – 21st Jan. 2021

ShivohamTantra Ashram, India


Online 100hr Adv Sharabh Yog Course

10th February – 12th March 2021

Rishikesh, India

1st – 30th September 2021

Rishikesh, India

30th May – 27th June 2021

Alpen Retreat, Austria

Online participation

Dates to be confirmed

Mount Olympus, Greece

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Get a feel of what we share at Satya Loka!

Meet Ra Lalita Dasi, the founder of Satya Loka, and Yorgos Mazarakis…

Ra Lalita Dasi is the founder of Satya Loka and personally facilitates each course with a commitment to truth.

Whether you are at a intermediate or advanced level you will be blown away by how the courses offer you an orchestrated combination of teachings that intuitively opens you to deeper levels.

Radasi is connected to the traditional right hand Tantra path through Guruji Maharaj. It was at Guruji’s Ashram that Radasi met her husband Yorgos.

Yorgos and Radasi, both dedicated in practise and spiritual life together are presently creating an Ashram in Northern Greece, as a meditation centre, a place of sanctuary and personal development in the science of consciousness and energy.

“Radasi teaches and practises with deep conviction and regard for the truth. This training was one of the most amazing transformative months I have ever experienced, and during this time Radasi held the space allowing each practitioner to go into their own journey with safety and love. These teachings are real and authentic.”

Jayne Middlemiss, U.K


From the early age of seventeen Yorgos began meditating, pursuing spiritual efforts and deepening his studies in Orthodox mysticism and gnostic Christianity. On the path of awareness he has always been interested in direct experiencing and understanding the inner life than perusing through intellect and reading. 

He was initiated into to the Kriya Yoga lineage and practices, which complimented and deepened his previous experiences. Now Yorgos is connected to the traditional right  hand Tantra path through Guruji Maharaj. It was at Guruji’s Ashram that Yorgos met his wife Radasi.

What is Traditional Tantra Sadhana?

Personal Experiences

“The teacher training course was a holistic and complete immersion in traditional Yoga, with authentic practices passed down to us from the Guru. The mix of the well-known physical Yoga alongside some of the less well-known breathing exercises, cleansing practices, chanting Sanskrit Mantra, making a charged Yantra and the beautiful Hridaya meditation – learning to go into the spiritual heart – were together a magical mix for our transformation over the rich month we had together.

I also loved the opportunity for free expression through dance and deep sharing that we had from the heart. The teachers had a wealth of experience to impart to us, so that by the end of the month we were rich with knowledge, authentic practice and ready to teach. I returned home feeling energised, clear and calm.”                                              

Liz Turner, 200hr Austrian Alps TTC, 2015

“Satya Loka provides more than just a Yoga teaching certification, it offers a transformative developmental experience. Grounded in Radasi’s authentic devotion to her students and her yogic lineage, the experienced and supportive teachers at Satya Loka will help you explore the depths of Yoga, and of your Self. You will not just learn Asana poses; you will learn how you relate – with yourself and with the world around you – and that this is your real Yoga practice.”

Matt Rubin, 200hr Thailand TTC, 2016

“The teacher training course with Satya Loka was an amazing experience! A beautiful journey into Yoga, Traditional Tantra, self inquiry and self discovery. The practices are varied, often intense and always transfomative.

We are not just taught how to teach, but in these 30 days we also go through our own cleansing and purification processes which brings us to a much deeper understanding of the devotional side of Yoga, our own spirituality and the importance of love and connection.

I loved every aspect of this course! From creating a sacred Yantra, to Fire Ceremonies, Sacred Dance, Mantra, Pranayama and more. Ra Lalita has her own wonderful, unique way of teaching. She teaches with a lot of wisdom, grace and great sense of humour! And she cares deeply for everyone who takes this journey with her.”        

Debbie Caruso, 200hr Austrian Alps TTC, 2017

“I have been practising Yoga for 23 years and teaching for more than ten years and it was high time for me to deepen my practice following the teachings of traditional Tantra Yoga. So I took the chance! Ra Lalita Dasi and Yorgos Mazarakis, have been really generous in transmitting to us the profound ancient Tantra teachings. Through them I felt the energy of a vast ancestral knowledge and wisdom unfolding. I was also trained to be disciplined during challenging periods of silence performing Pratyahara.

The retreat coincided with the July full moon and moon eclipse, which together with the breathtaking ambience of Holy mountain Olympus, enhanced and fortified the sacred purifying ceremony, transforming it into a powerful psychic experience.”

Sophia Troulinou, 100hr Advanced Greece TTC, 2018