Sharabh Yog 300HR Yoga Initiation

13th December – 8th January 2024, Shivoham Tantra Ashram, Saoner, India

Yogini Tantrika 200hr TTC & Pilgrimage for Women

16th Feb – 11th March, 2024, Rishikesh, India

Navaratri Tantra Sadhana and Meditation Retreat

7th – 17th April, 2024 &
1st October – 10th October, 2024

Avalon Yogini Sadhana Pilgrimage & Retreat

July 17th-21st, 2024, Paddington Farm, Glastonbury – Avalon, UK

80hr Advanced Yoga & Tantra TTC Retreat

27th August – 4th September, 2024 – Olympus, Greece

Yogini 200hr TTC for Women, Olympus Beach, Greece

18th September – 11th October, 2024



Embark on an authentic and transformative journey with Satya Loka

Yoga Alliance Certified

Become fully certified and confident, to teach Yoga internationally with highly experienced teachers with Onsite and Online trainings.

Traditional Yoga & Lineage based Tantra

Learn about a traditional, authentic science of Yoga and Tantra through non dual teachings. Unique courses for Women.

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yoga teacher training India

50HR Sharabh Yog Advanced Online Study

Location: Online

Embark on Sharabh Yog with our integral 50-hour online module, part of the 300-hour Sharabh Yog TTC. 


February 16 – March 11

yoga teacher training India

Yogini Tantrika 200HR TTC & Pilgrimage for Women

Location: Rishikesh, India

Connect with the divine feminine through Tantric teachings and pilgrimage. 


April 7 – 17

yoga teacher training uk

Navaratri Tantra Sadhana and Meditation Retreat

Location: Mount Olympus, Greece

Dive deep into Tantra Sadhana during the auspicious time of Navaratri. 


14th – 17th June


yoga teacher training uk

Tantra Mantra Sadhana with Guruji

Location: Mount Olympus, Greece

Take a safe authentic initiation into Tantra with the renowned master Guruji. 


July 17 – 21

yoga teacher training uk

Avalon Yogini Sadhana Pilgrimage & Retreat

Location: Avalon, UK

Jountey into an inner and outer pilgrimage in the sacred sites of the Avalon Tor and Magdalene chapel.


27th August – 4th September

yoga teacher training uk
80hrs Advanced Yoga & Tantra TTC retreat
Location: Mount Olympus, Greece

Advance your teaching and personal practice with 80-hour studies in Yoga and Tantra. 


September 18 – October 11

yoga teacher training uk

Yogini Tantrika 200HR TTC for Women

Location: Olympus beach, Greece

This Yoga and Tantra teacher training enhancement is an invitation to study and embody the deeper aspects of Yoga.


1st – 11th October

yoga teacher training uk

Navaratri Tantra Sadhana and Meditation Retreat

Location: Mount Olympus, Greece

Dive deep into Tantra Sadhana during the auspicious time of Navaratri. 


19th December – 15th January

yoga teacher training uk

Sharabh Yog 300HR Yoga Initiation

Location: Shivoham Tantra Ashram, Saoner, India

Dive into the depths of ancient wisdom that initiates you into the sacred science of Tantra and Yoga.


Traditional Tantra is an ancient path of spirituality, that embraces energy and life and the feminine nature.It is a world of exploration and discovery using a myriad of meditation practices and rituals that serve to bring more consciousness. The practices we teach are ancient tools that have been preserved, we feel blessed to have received them from our Guru, and it is our life’s purpose to share them with you.

At Satya Loka we believe personal Sadhana is the clearest and most direct way to reveal the truth.


“I’m very touched and grateful to have been in Radasi’s presence. It’s been transformative for me to experience her human-ness and grace, which comes through all she does because she really walks the path and embodies the teachings fully. I have learned so much in all the different contexts. So often it feels that Radasi is moving in prayer which I really appreciate.”

Jenna Palmer, USA, Austria & India TTCs in 2018, 2019 and 2020

Satya Loka provides more than just a Yoga teaching certification, it offers a transformative developmental experience. Grounded in Radasi’s authentic devotion to her students and her yogic lineage, the experienced and supportive teachers at Satya Loka will help you explore the depths of Yoga, and of your Self.

Matt Rubin, USA, Thailand TTC 2016

The teacher training course with Satya Loka was an amazing experience! A beautiful journey into Yoga, Traditional Tantra, self inquiry and self discovery. We are not just taught how to teach, but in this month, we also go through our own cleansing and purification processes which brings us to a much deeper understanding of the devotional side of Yoga, our own spirituality and the importance of love and connection.

Debbie Caruso, UK, Austrian TTC, 2017

The teacher training course was a holistic and complete immersion in traditional Yoga, with authentic practices passed down to us from the Guru. The mix of the well-known physical Yoga alongside some of the less well-known breathing exercises, cleansing practices, chanting Sanskrit Mantra, making a charged Yantra and the beautiful Hridaya meditation – learning to go into the spiritual heart – were together a magical mix for our transformation over the rich month we had together.

Liz Turner, UK, Austrian TTC, 2015

I have been practising Yoga for 23 years and teaching for more than ten years and it was high time for me to deepen my practice following the teachings of traditional Tantra Yoga. So I took the chance! Ra Lalita Dasi and Yorgos Mazarakis, have been really generous in transmitting to us the profound ancient Tantra teachings. Through them I felt the energy of a vast ancestral knowledge and wisdom unfolding. I was also trained to be disciplined during challenging periods of silence performing Pratyahara.

Sophia Troulinou, Greece, Advanced Retreat, 2018

“I am very grateful for all that I’ve learned, shared and experienced here. This is more than just a Yoga TTC. This is a life changing course, very complete and very intense in the most beautiful way. It is a process where you will dive into your higher and lowest self, with integral guidance and support. Radasi is much more than a teacher. She has true wisdom. Together with love, compassion and support, she shares this gift with her students, ensuring we feel ready on all levels to share this deep knowledge with the world.”

Cony Faine, Portugal, Rishikesh Women's 200hr TTC, 2019

“Radasi embodies herself. This isn’t just her way of making a living, it is her living. She teaches from doing not because she reads a lot, but that her experiences put many of the philosophical questions into a real world, applicable context. Sharing how to actually create a life on this path rather than teaching out of a book. Radasi is one of the most powerful and inspiring teachers that I have ever had. It is much more than teaching yoga, it’s about embodying the teachings and finding your voice.”

Kyle Estep, USA, Austria TTC, 2018


Radasi and Yorgos Aryavrat belong to an Indian Traditional Tantra Lineage and receive direct guidance from their Guru, Guruji RajKumar Baswar, together they have 60 years experience in Yoga and Spirituality.

After meeting in the Shivoham Tantra Ashram in India 2017, they married a few months later and since this time they live between India and Greece. Their school Satya Loka originally founded in 2011 by Radasi, has supported countless people in diving deeper into their true nature, and integrating this in their everyday life.

Their own Sadhana has progressed over the years through the Kaula, Mischra and Samaya Tantra, and through their personal commitment to the path they are initiated to offer beginner to advanced levels in Tantra and Yoga. Teaching mostly from the right hand practices of Tantra, using mainly Mantra, Yantra, Yagna, Yoga and Kriya infused with devotion, and a down to earth friendly approach.


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