13th – 16th June 2024 – Mount Olympus, Greece

Meet a renowned master of traditional Tantra

Guruji is the real deal. He has been sharing the mysticism of Tantra to countless western and Indian disciples for nearly two decades.

Take a safe authentic initiation into Tantra

Guruji offers a safe and profound introduction and initiation into the science of Tantra. 

Receive ongoing support and practices

The Satya Loka teachers Yorgos and Radasi continue to guide your path in Tantra through ongoing Mantra guidance.


The Sadhanas and workshops that are commonly offered by Guruji outside of the Ashram are introductions, designed to give people a taste of Traditional Tantra. This workshop also gives a basic initiation. 

For those who are looking to develop in spirituality on the path of Tantra, initiation is incredibly helpful. 

This event gives both options, offering a more simple workshop experience and also the option to participate and receive initiation from Guruji.

This year we have prepared all the herbs and the necessary logistics to make this possible here on Mount Olympus in Greece. This is really a great opportunity to practice and receive these teachings in the comfort and easy access of Europe.


We are able to also offer additional personal treatments for those looking to work more deeply on their subtle body, clearing energy, and purifying the chakras at much deeper levels that what is usually possible. Through the process of a body scan Guruji gives insight into what is needed on a very deep level to create a solid inner foundation.

In our tradition we use two key purification tools, which resource wisdom from both Tantra and Ayurveda. 

Sanskar is a process of applying complex herbal mixtures all over the body with the use of Mantra.

Nadi Shodhan is a further specialised technique of purification and connection, using a rare and potent paste that is applied on relevant parts of the body, usually combined with Yantra inscription, and the use of Mantra.

These practices make possible that Guruji can transmit energy to you and give you mantras that accelerate spiritual progress, altogether this serves to increase the capacity of your Kundalini in a safe way.

These types of treatments affect our inner capacity in a way that allows that any practices that you do in the future to be more beneficial and effective.

Please note that taking initiation does not mean you have to take a Guru (become a disciple), or that you need to make any commitments. Guruji is just there to support and guide you.



Maha Kali is a revered energy in Traditional Tantra, to receive initiation into her mantra and sadhana is truly a blessing.Through initiation and by practicing Traditional Tantric sadhana with Maha Kali, we open ourselves to her grace, which can truly help a sadhaka/ spiritual practitioner to connect with her Prana Shakti, thus connecting us to the universal energy beyond our limited perception. 

Maha Kali has a direct affect on our kundalini energy. This workshop will offer you an complete Tantra Sadhana experience of Mantra- Yantra – Yagna – Kriya, and most importantly we offer ongoing guidance to help you integrate the Initation in the months that follow the workshop, using a personal mantra that you will receive from Guruji. 

There is a lot of mis informing ideas about Kundalini energy and Kali, this workshop will help you to experience a tradition that has sustained for eons, preserving the authenticity of Tantra and spiritual practices. 



  Creating a Yantra (sacred mandala) for Maha Kali 

  Three Yagnas (fire ceremonies)

Specialised Kriyas from Tantra

  Sharabh Tantra Yog classes

  Relevant philosophy with storytelling

  Indian Mantra chanting and the reading of Stotrams {sacred text}

 A personal meeting with Guruji

  Wholesome vegetarian and vegan options

  An abundance of natural spring water 

  Pure stunning nature

 A personal Mantra to continue your Tantra practices

 Ongoing support from the team for your practice and development in Tantra


6.30am – Sharabh Yog

7.45am – Mantra Meditation

9.00am – Breakfast

10.30am – Yantra creation/ Mantra/Philosophy

1.00pm – Lunch

3.00pm – Mantra/Kriyas

5.00pm – Yagna/Devotional activities

7.00pm – Dinner



Your deposit secures your booking, and is non-refundable in all circumstances. 

Full tuition payment must be made prior to 1 months before the start date of your course. 

If travel restrictions prevent you from travelling to the retreat, you can study Section 3 via the online teaching platform. We are unable to offer refunds of tuition if travel restrictions prevent you from being able to attend the retreat.

If you cancel prior to 2 months before the start date of your course, you are able to request a full refund, minus the non-refundable deposit. 

If you cancel prior to 2 months before the start date of your course, you are able to request a transfer of dates which will be confirmed dependant on availability.


Guruji Maharaj

Guruji Maharaj serves as a tantric master and spiritual guide to hundreds of disciples that have had the fortune to meet him and take initiation into tantric Mantra Sadhana. He is the Guru of the Sri Bhairavanand lineage and has 64 successors to the lineage, one of whom is Ra Lalita Dasi, the founder of Satya Loka.

Guruji has been guided by 67 Gurus from various mystical traditions over the past 4 decades. His main practices follow the principles of Shaivism and the study of Tantra using Mantra, Yantra, Yagna, Kriya and the Sanskar herbal purification process. Guruji is under the direct guidance of  Maha Guru Sri Bhairavanand, a devotee of Lord Bhairav, Son of Shiva and Maa Chandeshwari.

The wider spread of Guruji’s work – the earthing and translation of the teachings of this lineage are deeply supported and managed by Guruji’s wife. Through her feminine presence, strength and discernment she serves to bridge the teachings of the Bhairavanand lineage to all those who access this path of awakening. 

Together Guruji and GuruMa serve countless disciples as a united family unit along with their beloved son Sharabh.

In 2015, under the guidance of his Guru Bhairavananda, Guruji built the Rajrajeshwari Shiva Temple. This temple is located within his Ashram – Sharabh Ashram in Parsodi village near his birthplace of Saoner, Nagpur. The Ashram offers these rare teachings under the name Shivoham Tantra.

Radasi Aryavrat

Radasi, the school’s founder, personally facilitates each training with a commitment to Truth. She has undertaken over 5000 hours in training, with more than 15 years experience as a Teacher in Hatha, Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. 

Radasi’s deepest passion which arises from a personal practice which spans 25 years, is to live a life immersed in Yoga, traditional Tantra, meditation, dance, devotion and ritual. After completing 10 years of study to become a Yoga teacher, she successfully guides others to the path of teaching and Yoga, which provides her with immeasurable joy.

Yorgos Aryavrat

From the early age of seventeen Yorgos began meditating, pursuing spiritual efforts and deepening his studies in orthodox mysticism and gnostic Christianity. On the path of awareness he has always been interested in direct experiencing and understanding the inner life than perusing through intellect and reading. He was initiated into to the Kriya Yoga lineage and practices, which complimented and deepened his previous experiences. 


“Guruji is an amazing teacher of Tantra and completely of the old school. The ancient tradition of India. His memory goes back thru the ages. To practise under his direction is to be taken back to the oldest of traditions, authentically, with devotion, knowledge and mastery.”

Shivam O'Brien - U.K

I feel so blessed to be able to practice Tantra with the guidance of Guruji. On this journey, many gates have opened in my life, gates of spiritual transformation. I’ve learned and experienced what real devotion means and how spiritual alchemy works. I feel Guruji like my spiritual father, because he treats us and cares us as his own children, from his heart, full of compassion, and sincerity. I would recommend everyone to experience his teachings.”

Serdar Prem, Turkey

“Six years ago I began doing Sadhana given by Guruji and since then a profound blossoming of radiant beauty and unwavering serenity permeates my life and heart. The Mantras, Yantras, ayurvedic medicines, Yagnas and various traditional tantric processes Guruji prescribed helped me in so many ways. From very tangible fruits of helping me become grounded, stable and clear in my life and release the need to wander the spiritual scene seeking for answers outside myself, to no longer worrying about money, to creating an intuitive opening to the perception of my purpose, to enhancing my connection to dance, even to meeting my husband and not to mention the incomprehensibly subtle gifts.”
Holly Wodetzki, Australia

“My life changed the moment I met Guruji. I can’t even begin to describe the experiences that I have passed through since meeting him. I have never met a man that has taken so much care so selflessly and humbly as Guruji, never asking for anything in return. I am so deeply grateful for everything I have received and learnt, he has been a true blessing in my life.”
Sean Goldberg, Australia

“Meeting Guruji was life changing for me. I am practicing with him since 2008 and the practice was a profound change on all the level of my being. I feel from the physical level up to the karmic level. I have been studying with few amazing Lamas and Gurus, and found my home in the heart of Tantra with Guruji.”
Naama Hanegbi, Israel


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