Our online courses are delivered in five modules, allowing you to study each module independently to enhance your practice or Yoga teaching abilities.

Some of our pre-recorded modules are available now, and our live class modules commence again. 

Some modules are able to be viewed after the live streaming and the pre-recorded modules are fully downloadable. 

The teachers sharing these modules are highly experienced and renowned in their subjects.

All of these modules are accredited with a certificate of continued education with Yoga Alliance.

YACEP Certified

Utilize our modules as part of your continuing education. 

Traditional Yoga & Tantra

Learn about a traditional, authentic science of Yoga and Tantra. 


Embody your true potential, through the depths of a sacred Yoga practice.





Pranayam is a powerful Yogic technique that can be used to enhance our experience of life more vibrantly. It expands the life force from the air we breath along with  our inner energy to heal and invigorate the physical and subtle energetic bodies, this is highly purifying and takes us deeper into our conscious self.

Radasi is renowned as a thorough, safe and embodied teacher of the science of Pranayama, and guides each and every person at their own pace within a group setting.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced practitioner or teacher you are guaranteed to find these classes invaluable.

The course covers:

  • A comprehensive system of Pranayama
  • Twelve different techniques of Pranayama
  • How to apply the knowledge of Tantra to Pranayama
  • The in depth effects of pranayama on the subtle energetic body
  • Additional yogic techniques, including Yoga Nidra

Investment: 150€

Led by Ra Lalita Dasi


We delve into the depth of yogic philosophy to gain a personal and interactive experience of the theoretical aspects of Yoga and Tantra.

Our interactive classes explore ancient sacred scriptures and knowledge in a joyful and meaningful way, in order to ignite inspiration towards these beautiful important philosophies which are foundational in Yoga and Tantra.

We cover:

  • Yoga philosophy
  • Pranayama 
  • The Chakras
  • The subtle body & Kundalini 
  • Meditation and Yoga Nidra
  • The Yoga Sutras 
  • Traditional Tantra – Mantra – Yantra – Yagna
  • The Das Maha Vidyas
  • Sacred sexuality
  • Self inquiry through psychology and self knowledge

Investment: 170€

Led by Ra Lalita Dasi & Yorgos Mazarakis


This module is another gem of Satya Loka teachings. Ra Lalita Dasi brings together the knowledge from three different schools in Tantra Yoga, to deliver to you a rare and potent insight into the tantric science of Yoga.

Ra Lalita Dasi has integrated these teachings, experimented with them through her own body, and brought authenticity to them through her Guru, to deliver to you an inspiring view that she is able to transmit through her classes and teaching.

This module alone will enhance your ability to teach Yoga with depth and difference.

During this module we cover:

  • Surya and Chandra Namaskar
  • The lunar and solar energies
  • General overview of sequencing in Tantra Yoga
  • The tantric application in Yog Asana
  • How to teach the science of Tantra and Kundalini safely
  • Two hours live questions and answers

Investment: 300€

Led by Ra Lalita Dasi


This module is taught by Yorgos Mazarakis and Ra Lalita Dasi, whether you are experienced in meditation or not there are gems to be found here. 

Yorgos has been practising meditation for almost 30 years. He began his meditation and Yoga Nidra practice in the gnostics Christianity, where he discovered many meditation techniques that are also used in the Yogic systems. 

Ra Lalita Dasi has been meditating for 15 years, and has immersed in countless silent meditation retreats. She emphasises to all Yoga teachers and practitioners that meditation is a necessary part of the practice.

Together they clear the misconception about meditation, to help you to make meditation an accessible and a valuable aspect of your practice and teaching skills.

In these classes you will receive teachings on the following:

  • Introduction into meditation and Yoga Nidra 
  • How to meditate effectively
  • Guidance on how to practice five beneficial meditation techniques
  • We give five recorded guided meditations and one Yoga Nidra as follows
  • Mantra meditation
  • Breathing techniques
  • A Buddhist counting meditation
  • Visualisation technique 
  • Awareness meditation
  • Yoga Nidra 

Investment: 50€

Led by Yorgos Mazarakis & Ra Lalita Dasi


Ra Lalita Dasi, the lead trainer, shares her inspiring themed Tantra Yoga classes, to show you how the science of Tantra and Hatha knowledge can be woven into Yoga classes with creative depth. 

These classes are for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners, because the essence of the practice of Yoga is transmitted in a clear, gentle and supportive manner.

Ra Lalita Dasi’s classes place emphasis on the balancing of the lunar and solar energies, and allow the practitioner to experience qualities of the subtle body which includes the Chakras. She also interplays different themes to weave sacred scriptures and poetry into her classes. 

Overall her classes guide you again and again into presence, strengthening your ability to be conscious and therefore cultivating inner peace. 

Investment: 160€

Led by Ra Lalita Dasi


Radasi Aryavrat

Radasi, the school’s founder, personally facilitates each training with a commitment to Truth. She has undertaken over 5000 hours in training, with more than 15 years experience as a Teacher in Hatha, Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. 

Radasi’s deepest passion which arises from a personal practice which spans 25 years, is to live a life immersed in spirituality. After completing 10 years of study to become a Yoga teacher, she successfully guides others to the path of teaching and Yoga, which provides her with immeasurable joy.

In 2017 she received Diksha from Guruji to hold the teachings of Sharabh Yog for the lineage. This came after years of being closely in his presence training as a Sadhak, teacher and one of the predecessors of the lineage.

Yorgos Aryavrat

From the early age of seventeen Yorgos began meditating, pursuing spiritual efforts and deepening his studies in Orthodox mysticism and gnostic Christianity. On the path of awareness he has always been interested in direct experiencing and understanding the inner life than perusing through intellect and reading. He was initiated into to the Kriya Yoga lineage and practices, which complimented and deepened his previous experiences. 

After meeting Radasi at the ashram in 2017 Yorgos joined Radasi during the transmission of Sharabh Yog, and serves as a teacher and anchor for this energy and teaching.


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