Meditation is fundamental within any spiritual path.

Just as our body requires food for our physical well being, the mind requires meditation for our mental and spirtual well being.

All the practices of Yoga and Tantra meet in meditation. Most of the techniques practiced in spirituality are used to cultivate the right conditions for us to be able to anchor into our natural state. 

Meditation helps to train the running mind so that we can step back from thoughts and identify with our true inner nature of stillness.

At Satya Loka Yorgos and Radasi place a deep emphasis on meditation both in thier own practice and in guiding others.

Most of the techniques shared are from the Vignan Bhairav Tantra, Yorgos spent his early years following the guidance within gnostics Christianity and discovered later that he had been practiicng so many of the dharanas held within this ancient text.

Radasi has been practicing Hridaya meditation since 2006. Hridaya meditation is from a system of Yoga founded by Sahanjananda that combines meditation techniques from India, Sufism, Christianity and Buddhism.

They serve to anchor the awareness in the Spiritual Heart. During the practice various indications are offered during the meditation to help guide our attention to rest in our pure presence – our witness consciousness, that is the stillness beyond our mental dialogue.

The teachings are greatly inspired by Ramana Maharishi , a great Jnana Yogi of India. He suggested a method of self enquiry, asking the question ‘Who am I’. This question is frequently asked during meditation and daily life to help transcend the personality thus realizing the essence of who we really are. The more we experience this realization the more we free ourselves from suffering and limitation.



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