Personal Mentoring

Sacred empowerment and mentoring

Personal mentoring is a service designed to deliver practical and in depth philosophical teachings and guidance based on the wisdom of Yoga, traditional Kundalini Tantra, Advaita Vedanta and the personal experience of Radasi, the school’s founder.

At Satya Loka we teach in various countries and often find that students move on and in many cases return home to continue with their everyday life. In some cases it may not be easy to access spiritual teachings that offer a continuity of your studies with us.

We are credited for our personal approach to our teachings and relationships with students, during the teacher trainings, we support the personal development of the participants with great attention and care.

Personal mentoring and sacred empowerment is also available for those who are new to our trainings. If it is not possible to meet in person sessions are mostly available through Skype or any alternative communication program.

The price of sessions are just £30 GBP.

Radasi is the main teacher who offers these particular mentoring sessions and also brings a wealth of experience from a background in Counselling and Holistic living. This combined with her knowledge and experience in the field of Yoga and meditation she offers a service that can bring depth and transformation to your life.


“Radasi’s radiance and light permeate all who she guides. Hers is a light of the most beautiful and genuine kind. There is deep wisdom, guidance, support and love palpable in all of Radasi’s teachings and offerings. Her knowledge is firmly rooted in theory and deeply known through experience. Her guidance is soft in its delivery and strong in its message. Deeply intuitive, spontaneous, and present in her classes and meditations, Radasi’s love and efforts have left an indelible mark on myself and my family. I am deeply grateful for her teachings and magnificent love.”
– Blaire Houghton, Canada

Please download our personal mentoring review form and send it to if you are interested in personal mentoring