Fire Yagna


Tantric Fire Yagna

A Fire Yagna is a sacred fire ceremony traditional to the Tantric and Vedic systems of India.

Various materials depending on the specific quality of the Yagna are offered to the fire, whilst reciting mantras. These mantras honour various energies such as the cardinal directions and particular divine qualities of the Hindu and Yogic traditions that support the success of the ceremony. Special combinations of herbs or simply rice, sugar and sesame seeds are commonly offered along with ghee to the fire with a specific mantra depending upon one’s personal sadhana or the group intention.

Fire Yagna is a highly purifying spiritual practice that enables us to commune with different energies of Shakti or Shiva, energies that raise our awareness and consciousness. Ultimately it is a physical representation of the offering of the ego to our own supreme nature. It also symbolises  the inner fire of the Yogi/Yogini that fuels the spiritual transformation.



Bhakti Fire Puja

Bhakti Fire Puja is a combination of a Tantric and shamanic fire ceremony. It is a beautiful ceremony of devotion that combines elements of a Tantric Fire Puja with a spontaneous flow of bhajans and prayer.
Traditional Vedic mantras are used that elevate consciousness and bring a deep communion with inner most truth.