Sacred Sexuality

So here we are, speaking about that aspect so commonly known as Tantra. We would like to start by saying here that sexual practices in Tantra equate to about five percent of the original tantric teachings. Traditionally it was only once a sadak (spiritual seeker) had purified themselves considerably that the teachings of sexual tantra would be given by the Guru. The reason for this is that most people are not ready for this level of Tantra. 

Sex is a powerful energy It creates life, it can evolve into love, it can dominate, it can create harm, and, it can take us to an awakened state, so imagine when amplifying that energy through yoga intention, and with another person? With so much potential we need to learn how to utilise this energy in a safe and careful way for ourselves and others.

Before approaching this level of Tantra it helps to take an initial look inside of yourself to find what is your relationship to sex, what is your positive and negative attitudes and approach around sexuality. Often people do not realise the conditionings that they carry, the attitudes that have learned from observing their parents and others, and their relationship to their own body image and feelings. Yet when we can observe and surpass conditioning and embrace a more positive relationship to ourself then we are more able to unite on an intimate level with somebody else.

When we can rise above the regular interplay of our sexuality we can open ourselves considerably, and many aspects of our life will blossom, including the ability to manifest our life purpose and to live in a positive and fulfilling way. 

Choosing the right partner who also feels inspired to evolve their own sexual experience and then having the courage to stay together in a longer term relationship actually helps you to go deeper in Tantra. In fact this is when you are able to not only support each other in transforming sexual energy, you can also support each other energetically with your overall spiritual practices. A lot of energy gets lost when people jump from partner to partner. From this type of commitment we also learn how to go deeper emotionally and mentally with each other.

Tantric Philosophy from India

On a deep spiritual level sacred sexuality is aligned with the traditional Tantric and Yogic philosophy of India. The teachings offer aspects of both left and right hand tantra where the ultimate intention is to recognise the Divine presence through one another and to raise our individual consciousness to oneness. This is understood as the unification of Shakti  (which is the energy and the manifestation of the feminine) and Shiva (which is our pure conscious essence). When a man and woman come together their energies polarise each other and Kundalini, their spiritual energy finds her path of ascension through the chakras to Sahasrara. This is the ultimate experience for any spiritual seeker and to share this journey in union with another, is in fact very rare.


The beginning and the end of any interpersonal Tantric practice or relationship is the intention to experience or recognise the higher divine qualities in one another. This is the core secret of sexual Tantric Union. At different stages of our interrelating the ego projects and does not have the ability to see the higher essence that exists within one another. When we practice transfiguration we go beyond our limited ego and mind, and witness each other from a greater heart space.

When a man and woman come together in Transfiguration meditation a powerful sacred space is created to open the potential for this witnessing of the Shiva and Shakti principle in one another. These can be one on one or in group meditations that allow each man and woman to sit in an eyes-open meditation opposite each person in the group and open to the inner depth of one another.

At Satya Loka we teach about the deeper psycho spiritual aspects of sexuality and also techniques and practices to help men and women transform their sexual energy. We also share insights on how to cultivate loving relationships sand how to keep a relationship alive and balanced. We offer workshops and modules on our trainings that hold a safe and transformative space for men and women.